Great work requires great resources. We will not be able to impact this world if we support missions from time to time, bit by bit, or only when we feel like doing it.

Being a partner means to be dedicated and committed. Therefore, we are looking for people who would promise to support our work with a monthly giving.

Become our partner. Start changing lives with us. Bring hope to the hopeless. Lend a helping hand to the desperate. Welcome to our team!

Why is monthly giving important?

We appreciate any help we receive and value every donation. But it is very important that you become our monthly partner. Monthly giving allows us to plan our budget.

Who is financing the work of your organization now?

We are supported by people like you. We are not a charity fund and don’t have designated capital. Every month we depend wholly on the support of the people who care.

How will you use my money?

We rescue human trafficking victims, build children’s homes and schools, translate the Bible, produce faith-filled media, and plant churches. We specifically target unreached people groups and persecuted areas of the world. You can learn more about our project at our website