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Second Letter from John the Apostle

Chapter 1

1 I am greeting you, my dear sister in the Lord, whom God has chosen. I am John, an old and respected man, who is writing to you. I am also writing to your children whom I truly >>>

Third Letter from John the Apostle

Chapter 1

1 My dear Gaius, I am greeting you. I am John, an old and respected man, who is writing to you. I love you because I know the truth about who God is.
2 My dear brother, your >>>

Proverbs of Solomon

Chapter 1

1 These are the proverbs of Solomon, the son of David, who reigned over Israel.
2 People get to know wisdom through the parables, they understand proper corrections and wise sayings.
3 People learn the rules of sound >>>

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Our mission is to show, share, and spread God’s love by rescuing victims of human trafficking, building children's homes and restoring lives.

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