Dear Friends and Partners,

Let us consider why it is so challenging for us to believe that God loves us when we are seriously sick or when we face challenging problems. And why do we ascribe to God what the devil does in our lives?

Let’s recall the situations that the Apostle Paul encountered during his ministry. He describes them in Romans 8:35: “We go through troubles and difficult circumstances. People persecute us, we are starving, and we have no clothes. Our lives are in danger, and people can kill us with the sword.” In the next verse, Paul writes that people can find themselves in such desperate situations that they will feel like sheep being led to the slaughter.

Most of us will agree that if such things happen to us, we feel disheartened, and it’s hard for us to believe that God loves us. After all, the situation appears as though the entire world has turned against us, and circumstances seem intent on crushing us! Perhaps as you read these lines now, you are thinking that your life is falling apart, and your marriage is in trouble… Maybe you are asking yourself where to find the strength to endure difficulties, sickness, or suffering. And perhaps you don’t understand how to find a way out of a tough situation.

We tend to believe that our problems are killing us. But I believe that the worst thing is not the problems themselves but the fact that during troubles, we forget that God loves us. We start thinking that God is fighting against us. Pardon me, but if that is the case, what is the devil doing? You’ve just left the devil out of a job. And I will tell you even more – you have attributed to God what Satan has done.

Let’s recall the remarkable things that the Apostle Paul wrote about God’s love in Romans 8:37: “We overcome all sufferings and gain complete victory because Christ loves us.”

Please note that Paul didn’t write these lines because everything was going well in his life. At that time, his life was in mortal danger. But he didn’t speak about God punishing him and sending him terrible troubles. On the contrary, Paul saw that God was on his side, even though he had no food, was persecuted, and faced many troubles in his life.

In other words, the apostle is saying that if we want to overcome problems or troubles, we must have complete confidence that God always loves us, even when it seems that He doesn’t answer prayers and difficulties attempt to crush us.

Paul provides us with the key that helped him get through all his sufferings. He wrote in Romans 8:38-39: “I am sure that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor evil spirits can separate us from God. No powers can do it, neither in the present nor in the future. No creation in the height or in the depth can separate us from God – who loves us. God showed us His love through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The secret to victory is that God loves you. And this is an unchanging fact. It doesn’t matter what has happened to you or what challenges you have faced. What is truly significant is that in any situation, you must continue to believe that God loves you. He is always on your side, so He will give you the strength to overcome everything.

We pray for you to always be filled with God’s love and peace! May God bless you, and may every seed of faith that you sow into our mission return to your life multiplied a hundredfold! We genuinely appreciate you and your support.

Stan & Lana
CEO & Founders of Jesus Unltd
& GodIsGoodTV Satellite Television Network

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