Letter from Jude the Apostle

Letter from Jude the Apostle

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Chapter 1

1 I am Jude who is writing to you. I am a servant of Jesus Christ and a brother of James. You received your calling from God the Father who loves you. And you belong to Jesus Christ who protects you.
2 May God give you mercy, peace and love in great abundance.
3 Dear friends, I had a strong desire to write you about the salvation which God gave to everyone. But I decided that I should write about other things. Once and for all, God gave faith to His holy people. And I urge you to make every effort to keep believing in the Lord.
4 I say this because you trusted some people whom God condemned in the Scriptures long ago. These godless people distort the teaching about the grace of God. They say that we can live an immoral lifestyle because God gives us His grace. These people rejected the supreme authority of God. They denied our Lord Jesus Christ.
5 I want to remind you of what you already know. In the beginning the Lord saved the people of Israel from Egyptian slavery. But later God destroyed those Israelites who had no faith.
6 I also would like to remind you of the angels who rejected their calling. They abandoned the place where they were supposed to be. So the Lord put the fallen angels in the chains forever, and now they dwell in the darkness. But the great day will come when God will judge these angels.
7 Think of Sodom, Gomorrah and their neighboring cities. The people who lived there were immoral and engaged in sexual perversions. So God punished these cities and destroyed them with fire. God warns us that He will judge such people, and they will burn in fire forever.
8 The same thing will happen to those people who indulge in dirty fantasies and do shameful things with their bodies. These people refuse to obey the authorities and curse what is majestic and glorious.
9 When the most high angel Michael argued with the devil about the body of Moses, Michael did not allow himself to insult or condemn the devil. Instead, he said to the devil, “May the Lord punish you!”
10 But these people speak insulting words about things they do not understand. They act on the basis of their instincts like unthinking animals. And this way, they corrupt themselves.
11 What a woe awaits them! They act like Cain who killed his brother. Like Balaam they love money more than truth. And they will perish like Korah who led the rebellion against Moses.
12 Such people have food with you and participate in the communion when you express your love for the Lord and for one another. But they are as dangerous to you as underwater reefs to a ship. They behave like shameless shepherds who care only about themselves. They are like clouds which the wind carries across the sky, but these clouds bring no rain. They are like fruitless trees in the fall. And it means that such trees are dead already. So they will be uprooted, and they will die a second time.
13 They are like violent sea waves covered with dirty foam. Such people are like stars falling from the sky. They will forever disappear in complete darkness which God prepared for them.
14 Enoch lived in the seventh generation after Adam. And Enoch prophesied about such people, “The Lord comes with a great multitude of His holy ones.
15 Then the Lord will judge all people. He will convict every person who did not believe in God and did evil deeds. The Lord will condemn every sinner who rejected God and insulted Him with their terrible words.”
16 Such people experience a constant feeling of irritation, and all the time they express their displeasure. They satisfy their lustful desires and boast about themselves. And they flatter others to get some benefit for themselves.
17 Dear friends, you must remember what the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ predicted.
18 They said, “In the last times people will mock the truth. They will oppose God and satisfy their lustful desires.”
19 Such people set believers against one another. They behave like the people of this world because they do not have the Spirit of God.
20 My dear friends, you should live holy and strengthen one another’s faith. And let the Holy Spirit guide you when you pray.
21 God loves you, and you should firmly believe in His love. Live in expectation that our Lord Jesus Christ will have mercy on you and will give you eternal life.
22 You meet different kinds of people. To some of them you should show compassion and strengthen their faith which got weak.
23 But you should treat others differently. Such people should to be saved through fear in order to snatch them from the flames of fire which awaits them after death. Be gentle when you correct people, but address their sins strictly. Some of them live such a sinful lifestyle that you should disgust even their clothes which they stained with their sins.
24 But God can save you from falling into sin. And you will stand in front of God without any fault and rejoice in His presence.
25 Give praise to the only wise God who has saved us, because of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done. All glory, greatness, power and authority belonged to God, even before He created time. He is worthy to be worshiped now. And He is worthy to be exalted forever. Amen.


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