Proverbs of Solomon

Proverbs of Solomon

Chapter 1

1 This book is the collection of wise sayings of Solomon who reigned over Israel, and was the son of King David.
2 Solomon wrote down these wise words so that we could understand what wisdom is. He wanted us to learn how we should respond to proper corrections. This book was written so that we could understand the meaning which is hidden in the words of wise people.
3 Solomon collected these wise sayings which could help us work on our character and act wisely. Then we will be able to understand what righteousness, judgment and justice are.
4 If the simple person listens to the wise sayings, he will become smart. If the young studies the wise sayings carefully, he will receive knowledge which will teach him how to make right decisions.
5 If the wise person pays attention to the words of wisdom, he will increase his knowledge. And if the educated listens to wise sayings, he will find valuable advices in them.
6 The person who studies the wise sayings carefully, will learn to understand those who speak with hidden meaning or irony. He will be able to understand what wise people mean.
7 The person who fears the Lord will begin to understand what wisdom is. Only fools despise wisdom and proper corrections.
8 My son, listen to your father when he makes you proper corrections. And do not resist when your mother teaches you the Law of God.
9 Pay attention to what your parents tell you. Then grace will decorate you like a crown and a necklace.
10 My son, do not let sinners push you into sin.
11 They will persuade you, “Come with us! Let’s set a trap and wait in a hiding place. Then let’s suddenly attack an innocent person and kill him for no reason”.
12 My son, the criminals will say, “Come with us!
Let’s send the living to hell and drop them down straight to the dead in the grave.”
13 They will say, “Come with us! We will steal all kinds of precious things and fill our houses with stolen things”.
14 The criminals will say, “Come on, and you will cast lots with us. You take what you win, and this way we will share stolen things among us.”
15 My son, do not join any gang, stay away from all criminals.
16 Remember that criminals are eager to do evil. And without any hesitation they commit murder.
17 Birds do not think that any of them will get caught in a net.
18 But hunters wait in a hiding place and trap birds to kill them.
19 The same will happen to the person who wants to steal things from others. These stolen things will take away his life from him.
20 Wisdom speaks loudly to everyone in the street and in the public places.
21 She preaches everywhere people gather together. Wisdom speaks to those who enter the city and leave it through the gate.
22 And this is what she says, “You, who have no knowledge, how long will you love your ignorance? You, who offend others, how long will you insult and enjoy it? And you, fools, how long will you hate knowledge?
23 Wisdom says, “Listen to me when I correct you, and repent of your sins. Then I will pour out my spirit on you and teach you my words.
24 But when I called you, you did not listen. And when I wanted to help and stretched out my hand to you, no one paid any attention to me.
25 You ignored all my advices and refused to change your life.
26 So when trouble happens to you, I will laugh. And when panic grips you, I will rejoice.
27 Panic will fall on you like a storm, like a disaster, like a tornado. And you will suffer and live in difficult circumstances.
28 Then the fools will call me, but I will not hear them. They will look for me, but they will not find me.
29 It will happen to them because they hated knowledge. They refused to obey the Lord and began to live as if God does not exist.
30 They rejected all my advices. And when I corrected them, they treated me with contempt.
31 That is why they will eat bitter fruits which will grow in their lives. They planned to harm others, but their evil plans would destroy their own lives.
32 Those who have no knowledge will rebel against wisdom, and it will lead them to death. Fools take life easy, and it will destroy them.
33 And the person who listens to me will not be afraid of evil. He will live safely and peacefully.”

Chapter 2

1 My son, remember my words and never forget the commandments which I told you about.
2 Listen carefully to what wisdom says. Learn to think and reflect.
3 Look for knowledge and develop your ability to think.
4 Seek knowledge as you would seek silver or treasure.
5 Then you will learn what the fear of the Lord is and you will understand who God is.
6 The Lord gives wisdom. He speaks words which bring knowledge to a person and gives him understanding.
7 God gives success to those who act honestly. And He protects them with His shield.
8 The Lord guards all areas of life of those who act justly. He protects the way in which His holy people walk.
9 My son, listen to me. Then you will understand what righteousness and justice are. You will learn to do what is just and make right choices.
10 Let wisdom fill your heart. And let your soul love knowledge.
11 Then you will become a person of understanding, and it will guard you. You will become an intelligent person, and it will protect you from evil.
12 If you become wise, you will choose correct direction in life. Wisdom will save you from a person who speaks lie.
13 If you become a person of understanding, it will protect you from those who have chosen the wrong path in life and walk in the ways of darkness.
14 Wisdom will save you from those who are happy to do evil and delight in perversion.
15 The person who lives immoral lifestyle does not understand where it will bring him.
16 If A wife of another man will speak flattering and pleasant words, then you must behave like a wise person so that she could not seduce you.
17 She got married when she was young. But now she left her husband and broke the promise she made to him before God.
18 The person who enters the house of immoral woman will perish and go to the grave.
19 The person who enters into the relationship with such a woman will not be able to stop and return to the right way of life.
20 Follow the example of those who do what is right. Live like those people who believe in God.
21 Remember that only those who believe in God will live in the land. And only those who act honestly will remain in it.
22 And the wicked will be destroyed in the land. And those who make evil plans will be completely removed.

Chapter 3

1 My son, do not forget the Law of God which I taught you. Let the commandments of God live in your heart.
2 Then your life will continue for many years. And you will live in complete peace and prosperity.
3 Show compassion to others and do what the truth teaches you. It will make your life beautiful like a precious necklace makes a person beautiful. Let compassion and truth be written in your heart like words engraved on a stone.
4 Then you will find favor in the eyes of God. And people will treat you with respect.
5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart. And don’t rely on your own understanding.
6 In every situation make every effort to understand what God wants to do. And He will guide you step by step.
7 Do not think about yourself that you are smarter than everyone else. Fear the Lord and depart from evil.
8 Then your body and your bones will become strong, and you will recover from your disease.
9 Dedicate to the Lord what belongs to you and serve Him. Bring Him the first fruits of the harvest and give Him a share of your profit. This way, you will show your deep reverence to the Lord.
10 Then God will give you such a plentiful harvest that you will overfill your storehouses with grain. And you will have so many grapes that you will produce new wine in abundance.
11 My son, pay attention when the Lord shows your mistakes to you. And don’t get angry when He corrects you.
12 The Lord disciplines the one He loves. He corrects a person the same way as a father corrects his beloved son.
13 The one who began acting wisely and intelligently will live a blessed and happy life.
14 Wisdom will bring you more profit than silver. You will receive more income from wisdom than from gold.
15 Wisdom costs more than precious stones. And nothing you desire can compare with wisdom.
16 Wisdom holds long life in its right hand. Wisdom holds wealth and glory in its left hand.
17 How pleasant it is to walk on the paths of wisdom! Then your every step will bring you peace and prosperity.
18 The one who searches for wisdom searches for the tree of life. Act wisely to live a blessed and happy life.
19 The Lord founded the earth with wisdom and expanded the heavens with knowledge.
20 God knew how to create springs of water which started fountaining out of the ground. He created clouds so that dew could fall on the ground.
21 My son, think carefully before you make a decision. Think soundly and act wisely.
22 It will bring life to your soul and decorate you like a precious necklace.
23 Then you will live in safety, and you will not go astray from the right path.
24 And when you go to bed, you will not suffer from sleepless nights caused by fear. You will sleep peacefully and enjoy a sound sleep.
25 If evil people try to deceive you, do not be afraid and do not panic.
26 Trust in the Lord. And He will help you avoid the trap which the evil people set up for you.
27 If you have an opportunity to help a needy person, do not refuse to help him.
28 Do not delay your good deed until tomorrow if you can help your friend today.
29 Do not plan to do any evil to a person who lives peacefully near you.
30 Do not become his enemy without any reason, if he did not do you any harm.
31 Do not envy the success of a cruel person. And never act the way he does.
32 God hates a perverse person. The Lord communicates with those who believe in Him and who are eager to do what is right.
33 The Lord curses the house of the unbeliever who lives in sin. But the Lord blesses the house of the believer who is eager to do what is right.
34 The Lord will ridicule the one who ridicules Him. And He will give His grace to the one who humbles himself before God.
35 The one who acts wisely will earn good reputation. And the one who acts stupidly will bring shame to himself.

Chapter 4

1 My children, listen to your father when he makes you proper corrections. Pay attention to his words to learn understanding.
2 I taught you the right things, don’t forget the Law of God.
3 When I was a child, I also had a father who loved me very much. And my mother treated me like her only son.
4 My father told me, “Let your heart remember my words. I teach you the commandments so that you could live a happy life.
5 Look for wisdom to learn understanding. Do not forget about it and do not ignore what I say.
6 Do not neglect what wisdom says, then it will guard you. Love acting wisely, then wisdom will protect you.
7 Look for wisdom because wisdom is the most important thing in life. Make every effort to learn how to act with understanding.
8 Value wisdom more than anything else, and it will make you a great person. Become one with wisdom then people will treat you with respect.
9 Wisdom will put grace on your head like a garland. Wisdom will decorate you like a magnificent crown.”
10 My son, listen to me and do what I say. Then you will live long and happy life.
11 I teach you how to become wise. I tell you how to live in a right way.
12 When you start doing something, nothing will be able to stop you. And when you need to act quickly, you will not make a mistake.
13 Pay attention when someone makes you proper corrections, and don’t ignore them. Correct yourself, because it will bring success to your life.
14 Choose right direction in your life. And never act like a criminal or a wicked person.
15 If you started walking on the wrong way, stop and leave this way. And if someone tempts you to commit a crime, refuse to participate in it.
16 Criminals cannot sleep if they do no evil. They lose their sleep if they do not harm someone.
17 Wicked people commit crimes to earn their living. They get drunk with wine and do cruel things.
18 When the sun rises at the dawn, it shines brighter and brighter until the full day comes. The same happens in the lives of believers who are eager to do the right things.
19 But darkness is getting thicker on the way of those who break the law. They do not know what they will stumble over.
20 My son, pay attention to my words. Listen to what I say.
21 Keep reading what I wrote to you so that my words would go deep into your heart.
22 The one who understands the meaning of my words will be completely healthy and live a happy life.
23 More than anything else pay attention to what fills your heart. Your heart is the source, and everything what happens in your life starts in your heart.
24 Do not tell lies and do not mislead others with your words.
25 Live in such a way that you could honestly look at people’s eyes and do not take your eyes off because of shame.
26 Think in advance about what you should do. Go in the right direction and do not doubt the way you choose.
27 Do not turn to the right or to the left. And don’t go to places where others do evil.

Chapter 5

1 My son, pay attention to my words of knowledge and listen to my wise advices.
2 Then you will become a person of understanding and you will speak with competence.
3 The words of an immoral woman are as sweet as honey and as pleasant as fragrant oil.
4 And if she seduces you, you will not be able to escape the consequences. You will feel as bad as if you were poisoned. It will hurt you as if you were wounded with a sharp sword.
5 An immoral woman goes towards death, and step by step she comes closer to hell.
6 She doesn’t think about the way she lives. And she does not worry that she has no purpose in life.
7 So, my son, listen to me and do not forget what I am saying to you.
8 Stay away from an immoral woman and don’t come close to the door of her house.
9 But if you enter into relationship with her, you will lose the respect of people, and your life will turn into torment.
10 Don’t waste your life on such women. Otherwise, everything you earn, you will give away to them.
11 Disease will consume your body. You will lose your health, and you will suffer from pain.
12 Then you will say, “I should have listened to others when they corrected me. I should have paid attention to my conscience when it tried to stop me.
13 I would better listen to those who taught me to do the right things. I would better pay attention to the words of those who guided me to the way of truth.
14 And now everyone around me can see how quickly I ruined my life.”
15 Be faithful to your wife. Drink from your well which is always filled with fresh water.
16 Do not enter into relationship with women who offer themselves in the streets and city squares. Don’t drink dirty water from the sewerage.
17 You should belong to your wife only, and you should not have any other women.
18 Enjoy your wife who belongs to you since your youth. May she be the source of blessing for you.
19 Your wife is as tender as a loving deer. She is as beautiful as a graceful antelope. And you can always enjoy love in her arms.
20 My son, do not fall in love with an immoral woman. Why would you throw yourself into her arms?
21 The Lord can see all the actions of a person. He pays attention to everything what the person does.
22 If someone does evil, he will suffer from his actions. The person will destroy his own life with his crimes. And his sins will hold him tight like iron chains.
23 The wicked person will die because he did not want to change his life. He has gone astray from the right way, and he started doing many wild things.

Chapter 6

1 My son, why did you promise to pay off your friend’s debts? Why did you take on yourself another person’s financial obligations?
2 You trapped yourself with your words when you agreed to pay off someone else’s debt.
3 My son, you gave yourself under the authority of another person. So listen to my advice. Go to your friend whom you promised to pay off his debt and kneel before him. Beg him until he releases you from the obligations you took upon yourself to pay off his debts.
4 Beg him all the evening and all the night until he agrees.
5 Save yourself from paying off someone else’s debt like a deer who runs away from a hunter. Free yourself like a bird trapped into a net.
6 You lazy person, go to the ant. Watch his actions and learn from him to behave wisely.
7 The ant has no director or leader. And nobody forces the ant to work.
8 But he works all the summer to harvest and to store food for the winter.
9 You lazy person, why are you getting up so late? When will you wake up and get out of your bed?
10 Stop lying and thinking, “It is okay if I sleep a little bit and take a nap. It is okay if I do nothing and rest a little bit.”
11 But if you are lazy then poverty will attack you like a robber. And all kinds of problems will come to you like a bandit.
12 A person who spreads lies acts in a disgusting and wicked way.
13 He reveals himself with his eye movements, the way he walks and the way he makes gestures.
14 He hides evil in his heart. He is always ready to set up troubles for others to provoke a conflict.
15 So a trouble will unexpectedly fall on him. And he will be suddenly destroyed with no hope for recovery.
16 The Lord hates six things, His soul disgusts even seven things.
17 It is disgusting to the Lord when someone looks at another person with despise. It is disgusting to God when people tell lies. He hates when someone murders an innocent person.
18 It is disgusting to the Lord when people bear evil plans in their hearts. It is disgusting to Him when a person is eager to commit a crime.
19 God hates when someone gives false testimonies. It is disgusting to Him when a person makes brothers hate each other.
20 My son, keep the commandments which your father told you about. And don’t reject when your mother teaches you the Law of God.
21 If the commandments always live in your heart then they will always decorate you like a precious necklace.
22 When you start doing something, the commandments will help you make right decisions. When you go to bed, they will protect you from anxious thoughts. And when you wake up, you will meditate on the commandments again.
23 The commandment will illuminate your path of life like a lamp. The Law of God will bring such bright light to your life like the sunshine. He who pays attention to proper corrections and improves himself will live a happy life.
24 An immoral woman will speak pleasant words to you. But if you keep the commandments, she will not be able to seduce you.
25 Do not get sexually aroused by the beauty of her body and do not get captivated by the beauty of her eyes. Don’t let lustful desires fill your heart.
26 An immoral woman will make a man poor and leave him completely broke. And he who enters into the relationship with the wife of another person will pay for it with his own life.
27 If someone keeps fire under his clothes, his clothes will be burned.
28 If someone walks on hot coals, he will burn his feet.
29 And if someone sleeps with another man’s wife, he will play with fire and will get a punishment which he deserves.
30 No one excuses a hungry thief when he steals in order to eat.
31 And if people catch him, he will pay back seven times more than he stole. He will give everything he has to pay off for what he stole.
32 And he who starts love affair with a woman has no understanding. He who sleeps with another man’s wife will destroy himself.
33 People will beat him and put him to shame. And he will never be able to restore his reputation.
34 When a husband discovers that his wife betrayed him, he will be furious. A jealous husband will not spare the man who had love affair with his wife. He will do anything to take revenge on his offender.
35 And if his offender tries to pay compensation, then even the biggest money will not be able to calm down the angry husband.

Chapter 7

1 My son, do the way I tell you. And do not forget the commandments which I taught you.
2 Keep them to live a happy life. Obey the Law of God because it is as important as good eyesight.
3 Keep the commandments, and it will make your life beautiful like precious rings make a person beautiful. Let the commandments be written in your heart like words engraved on a stone.
4 Turn to wisdom and say, “I love you as much as my sister.” Turn to understanding and say, “I appreciate you as much as my close friend.”
5 Then wisdom and understanding will protect you from an immoral woman. And she will not be able to seduce you with her pleasant words.
6 Once I was at home, and I was looking through the window grill.
7 I saw a company of naive young people, and I noticed a stupid young man among them.
8 He crossed the square and walked up to the house of an immoral woman.
9 It was getting dark when the evening turned into the night and darkness.
10 Then a woman who was dressed provocatively came up to the young man to seduce him.
11 She is always loud and brush, and she never stays at home.
12 In the streets, in the squares and at every corner she looks for those who can be seduced.
13 She grabbed the young man and started kissing him. And without any shame she said to him,
14 “I fulfilled what I promised to God. That is why today I visited the temple where I made my peace offering to God. And now I have a lot of food at home which is left after the sacrifice.
15 So I went outside to find someone I could celebrate with. And you are exactly the one who I was looking for.
16 I covered my bed with beautiful Egyptian blankets and decorated my bedroom with rugs.
17 I perfumed my bedroom with myrrh, aloes and cinnamon.
18 Come to me! We will play and enjoy love until the morning.
19 There is no one at home but me, because my husband has gone away on a business trip for a long time.
20 He took a lot of money with him and promised to return home only at the end of the month.”
21 She enticed the young man with her pleasant words and seduced him with her soft lips.
22 And he immediately followed her like an ox who does not understand that he is led to a slaughter. He followed her like a deer who does not realize that he is running into a trap.
23 Soon he will be shot like a deer. And he doesn’t know that an arrow will pierce his heart. He is like a bird who throws herself into the nets, not realizing that it will destroy her.
24 So, my son, listen to me and pay attention to what I tell you.
25 Do not fall in love with an immoral woman. Don’t give your heart to her and stay far away from her.
26 She caused a lot of grief and completely destroyed the lives of many strong men.
27 The one who enters into the house of an immoral woman will enter the path which will lead him to hell. The one who comes into her bedroom will perish.

Chapter 8

1 Can you hear wisdom speaking loudly to people? Can you hear understanding calling out to everyone to come?
2 Wisdom stands on the hilltops, along the roads and at the crossroads.
3 She speaks loudly to those who enter the city and leave it through the gate.
4 Wisdom says, “People, I call out to you to come to me! Listen to what I want to tell you.
5 You, who have no knowledge, learn to think intelligently. And you, fools, become wise.
6 Listen to me because I will talk about things which are important and right.
7 I love speaking the truth, and I hate lies.
8 All my words are truthful. I never deceive nor mislead anyone.
9 A person of understanding can get the meaning of everything what I say. And the one who received knowledge would be able to make sure that my words are true.
10 Listen carefully when I teach you. Appreciate it more than silver. Get knowledge because it is better than pure gold.
11 Wisdom is more precious than jewels. You cannot compare wisdom with any wealth which you would like to have.
12 I am wisdom. That is why I show understanding and sound judgement. And I have the fullness of knowledge.
13 I am wisdom. And I hate when someone looks at others with pride and arrogance. It is disgusting to me when people commit crimes. I hate when someone tells lies to mislead others. So the one who fears the Lord must hate evil.
14 I give advices which bring success. I know how to make a person intelligent and strong.
15 I teach kings to govern their country well. I give wisdom to the government to make just laws.
16 I help governors, rulers and judges of the earth to lead their people in the right direction.
17 I am wisdom. I love those who love me. And the one who seeks me will find me.
18 I have riches, glory, and righteousness. I own a treasure that will never perish.
19 And the one who is eager to find me will get such a reward that it will be better than the purest gold. I will give him such a reward that it will be more precious than pure silver.
20 I do the right thing and make just decisions.
21 Those who love wisdom will inherit wealth. And I will fill their homes with rich supplies.
22 The Lord had wisdom from the beginning, before He created the world.
23 I am wisdom. I existed from the beginning, before God formed the earth.
24 I was born before God created deep oceans, and before He filled the springs with water.
25 I was born before God made the mountains and the hills.
26 I was born before God created the earth, fields and the very first dust of the Universe.
27 I was there when God stretched out the heavens. I saw Him drew the line of the horizon where the sky meets the bottomless depths of the ocean.
28 I was there when God filled the heavens with clouds. I saw what was happening deep under the earth when God filled underground springs with water.
29 I was there when God ordered the sea not to overflow its shores. I saw Him created the inner structure of the earth.
30 I was with God, and I fulfilled His plans as an architect. Every day I brought joy to God and all the time I laughed happily in His presence.
31 How excited I was when God created the earth and the first family!
32 People, listen to me. The one who acts wisely will live a blessed and happy life.
33 Listen to me when I make you proper corrections and do not neglect them. Then you will become wise.
34 The one who every day awaits to see me at the gates of my house and waits for me to go out of my door to listen to me will live a blessed and happy life.
35 I am wisdom. And the one who finds me will live a life which will bring joy to the Lord.
36 And the one who does not seek me will harm himself. The one who hates me loves death.”

Chapter 9

1 Wisdom built her house and installed seven stone columns there.
2 She prepared a lot of delicious food and drinks. She put her food on the table to celebrate.
3 Wisdom sent her helpers to go up to the highest places of the city and call the people,
4 “Those who have no knowledge, come here!” Wisdom said to those who act foolishly,
5 “Come to me! Eat my bread and drink what I have prepared for you.
6 Stop doing stupid things. Learn to act intelligently to live a happy life.”
7 If you make a proper correction to the one who offends others with his rude jokes, he will insult you in return. And if you try to correct the wicked, you will harm yourself and get into trouble.
8 Do not make correction to the one who offends others, because you will gain an enemy who will hate you. But if you correct a wise person, you will gain a friend who will love you.
9 If you teach a wise person, he will become wiser. And if you give advices to the one who is eager to do what is right then he will listen to you.
10 The one who fears the Lord will begin to understand what wisdom is. And the one who is eager to know who the Holy God is will learn to act with understanding.
11 If you behave wisely, God will add many days and years to your life.
12 The one who acts wisely will become a successful person. And the one who makes fun at wisdom and behaves stupidly will destroy his life.
13 Foolishness is like a noisy and stupid woman who knows nothing at all.
14 She sits on the chair at the door of her house. She also goes up to the highest places of the city to reach out to people.
15 She calls those who pass by. She turns to those who go about their business to confuse them.
16 She tells them, “Those who have no knowledge, come here!” She speaks to those who act stupidly,
17 “Stealing is as good as a sweet drink. Cheating is as enjoyable as delicious food.”
18 The one who enters the house where the foolishness lives will perish. But a stupid person does not understand it. That is why he listens to foolish advices and goes straight to hell.

Chapter 10

1 This book is the collection of wise sayings of King Solomon. A son who acts wisely brings joy to his father. And a son who acts stupidly brings sorrow to his mother.
2 The one who gains his wealth by illegal means will get into trouble and put his life in mortal danger. But the one who acts honestly will live in safety.
3 If wicked people plan to ruin the life of a believer, the Lord will destroy these plans. He will take care of a person who believes in God so that he would not suffer from hunger.
4 The one who loves being lazy will be ruined. And the one who loves working will become rich.
5 A hardworking son gathers crops at the time of the harvest. But a lazy one sleeps and brings shame to his family.
6 A believer who is eager to speak and to do what is right will receive great blessings. And a wicked person who speaks about violence and acts cruelly will destroy his life.
7 When people think of a believer who was eager to do what was right they bless his name. And when people mention the name of a wicked person they feel disgusting.
8 A person who is wise in his heart listens to the commandments and becomes successful. But a fool does not listen to anyone. He speaks nonsense and destroys his life.
9 The one who acts honestly will live in prosperity and complete peace. And the one who engages in fraud will be caught and punished.
10 A person who has intention to do evil sends secret signals with his eyes to his companions. But sooner or later he will say something stupid, and he will be exposed.
11 When a believer who is eager to do what is right speaks then his words flow like a fountain which brings life. But a wicked person who speaks about violence and acts cruelly brings destruction.
12 The one who is filled with hatred does not want to forgive and starts quarrels. And the one who is filled with love forgives offenses and resolves conflicts.
13 An intelligent person knows how to respond with wisdom to bring peace. But a fool answers with such words that he gets beaten with a stick on his back.
14 A wise person speaks with competence and helps others resolve their problems. But a fool has no knowledge. And the one who listens to his advices will get into troubles.
15 The possession of a rich person is like a fortified fortress to him. He relies on his wealth which protects him from trouble. But the poor lives in poverty which ruins his life.
16 A believer earns his living in an honest way and achieves success in life. But a wicked person gets a lot of profit by illegal means and spends everything on sinful pleasures.
17 The one who pays attention when others make him proper corrections will succeed. But the one who does not want to admit his mistakes will live his life without purpose.
18 The one who flatters another person to hide his hatred is a liar. And the one who openly expresses his hatred and spreads slander is a fool.
19 A fool who speaks nonstop will say too much. But a person of understanding holds his tongue.
20 A believer thinks of the right things. And his words are as valuable as pure silver. But a wicked person thinks of sinful things, and he is not able to teach others anything good.
21 The words of the believer who speaks with intelligence encourage many people. But a fool does not listen to wise words and destroys his life.
22 God’s blessing makes a person rich and does not bring any troubles.
23 A fool does not think about the consequences and commits a crime for fun. But a person of understanding acts wisely and does not break the law.
24 Whatever a believer dreams about will come to pass. And whatever a wicked person is afraid of will happen to him.
25 A sudden disaster which hits like a hurricane will completely ruin the life of the wicked. But a person who believes in everlasting God and is eager to do what is right will stand firm during trials.
26 Do not give any work to the lazy. Otherwise, he will irritate you like vinegar which destroys your teeth or like smoke which causes tears to flow.
27 If you fear the Lord, He will add many days and years to your life. But a wicked person will die before his time.
28 A believer who is eager to do what is right awaits with joy when his dream comes true. A wicked person also hopes for the best, but his dream will never come to pass.
29 The one who acts honestly and follows the Lord will be completely safe like in a fortified fortress. But the one who breaks the law can expect that he will be punished by the Lord.
30 The one who believes in God and is eager to do what is right will always live in complete safety. But the life of a wicked person will be completely destroyed.
31 When a believer speaks with wisdom, people listen to him with pleasure. But the one who spreads slander will hear, “Let your tongue be cut off.”
32 The one who believes in God knows how to communicate with others in a kind way. But the wicked speaks with anger.

Chapter 11

1 God hates when a seller uses unbalanced scales to deceive a buyer. But God loves when people use accurate scales and earn their living in an honest way.
2 The one who acts with pride is foolish. Such a person will get into troubles, and he will be ashamed. But the one who treats others with respect is wise.
3 The honest person is eager to do what is right in every situation. But the dishonest deceives when he has such an opportunity, and by his actions he will ruin his life.
4 Wealth will not help a dishonest person on the day when he is condemned to death. But the one who is eager to do what is right will be justified and escape death.
5 The one who lives honestly will not get into troubles. But a wicked person will get what he deserves according to his evil deeds.
6 A person who acts honestly will save himself from trouble. But a wicked person who is eager to harm others will suffer from his own actions.
7 A criminal lives in hope to fulfill his evil plans. But he will die and will not be able to do the evil he planned to do.
8 A believer who is eager to do what is right will not get into trouble. But a wicked will get into trouble instead of him.
9 The one who does not believe in God will deceive another person with hypocrisy in order to destroy him by his words. But a believer who knows the truth and is eager to do what is right will not believe the flattering words and will not fall into deception.
10 The whole city rejoices when believers succeed and do good deeds. And when the wicked die, people also cannot hide their joy.
11 Believers bless their city and make it prosper. But the wicked curse their city with their words and destroy it.
12 It is foolish to speak about others with despise. It is better to show wisdom and keep quiet.
13 Do not share confident things with a person who loves gossiping, otherwise he will betray your secrets. Trust your secrets to a trustworthy person who will not share it with anyone.
14 If the leader of a country has few competent counselors then the country will have low standard of living. But if he has many wise counselors, the people will prosper.
15 The one who guarantees and promises to pay off another person’s debts will get into trouble. But the one who is against of taking on himself other people’s debts will protect himself from problems.
16 People will respect a kind woman who helps others. But a rich man who does not show compassion will never deserve any respect.
17 The one who does good to others will feel joy in his heart. But the one who treats people with cruelty will get problems with his health.
18 A wicked person will lose everything he gained by illegal means. But the one who earns his living in an honest way will always live in abundance.
19 A believer who is eager to do what is right will live a happy life. But the one who is eager to fulfill his evil plans is going towards his death.
20 Those people who meditate on immoral things and live in sin are disgusting to the Lord. But the ones who meditate on the right things and do what is right, bring joy to the Lord.
21 You can be completely sure that people who live immoral life will receive the punishment which they deserve. And you can also be completely sure that the descendants of those who believe in God and are eager to do what is right will receive salvation.
22 If a woman is beautiful, but stupid, then she is like a golden ring in a pig’s nose.
23 A believer who is eager to do what is right hopes for the best, and his dreams will come true. The wicked who commits crimes also hopes for the best, but he will face judgment.
24 One person generously shares with others and becomes richer. And another one saves all the time and becomes poorer.
25 The one who shares generously with the needy will prosper. And the one who gives water to the thirsty will also be given water.
26 People will curse the one who accumulates grain in his storehouse in order to sell it later when the price goes up. But people will bless the one who sells grain right away and does not inflate the price.
27 Good will come into the life of a person who does good to others. But evil will come into the life of a person who brings harm to others.
28 If a person has hope in his wealth, then his life is like dry leaves which fall from the trees in autumn. And if a person believes in the Lord and trusts in Him, then his life is like young leaves which appear in spring.
29 The one who acts foolishly will ruin his family and waste everything he has. A fool will become a slave to the one who acts wisely.
30 The one who believes in God does good works. And his life is like a tree which bears fruit that gives life to others. Such a person acts wisely and attracts people to himself.
31 As long as a believer lives on earth, he will receive what he deserves. And of course, the one who rejects God and lives in sin will receive what he deserves.

Chapter 12

1 The one who loves learning pays attention when others make him proper corrections. But a fool does not like learning and hates being corrected.
2 The Lord is kind to the one who does good. But He condemns the one who wants to harm others.
3 There will be no stability in the life of a person who does evil deeds. But the one who believes in God and is eager to do what is right will stand on a strong foundation.
4 If a wife does what is right, she will decorate her husband like a crown. But if she behaves in such a way that her husband feels ashamed, then she causes him the same suffering as if his bones are in pain.
5 Believers meditate on how to act justly. But the wicked meditate on how to deceive others.
6 Criminals talk to each other about how to trap another person in order to kill him. But believers discuss how to save this person’s life from death.
7 If a trouble comes to the wicked, it will completely destroy his life. But if a believer gets into trouble, then his family will go through the trouble and stand firm.
8 People will speak well of a wise person. But they will treat with contempt a fool who thinks about immoral things.
9 It is better to be a simple person who earns his living than to pretend to be a rich person who does not have enough money to buy food.
10 A believer shows kindness not only to people, but also to animals. But a wicked person has no compassion for anyone, because he has a cruel heart.
11 He who works on his land will live in abundance. But a fool who chases dreams and does not want to work will live in poverty.
12 A wicked person wants to take possession of what others have. But a believer who is eager to do what is right earns his own living and helps others.
13 A liar will suffer from his own words and get into trouble. But a believer does not lie, so he will avoid troubles.
14 A person’s life depends on his words and deeds. If a person speaks and does what is right, he will live a happy life.
15 A fool thinks that he always does what is right, so he does not ask others for advice. But a wise person goes to those who can give him advice.
16 When a fool is insulted, he immediately shows his anger. But a person of understanding remains calm and does not respond to insult.
17 A person who loves acting honestly will speak truth in the court. But a dishonest person will tell lies and mislead the court.
18 A fool does not think before he speaks, and he uses harsh words. He hurts another person as badly as with a sword. But the words of the wise bring healing.
19 The time will show who was telling truth and who was telling lies. Lies have a short life. But truth will live forever.
20 The heart of a person who wants to provoke quarrel is filled with evil intentions. But the heart of a person who wants to bring peace is filled with joy.
21 Nothing bad will happen to a believer who is eager to do what is right. But the life of a wicked person will be full of troubles.
22 It is disgusting to God when someone speaks lies. But He likes when a person speaks truth.
23 A wise person knows many things, but he does not say too much. A fool knows little, but he says a lot of foolish things.
24 The one who makes efforts to do his job well will be put in a leadership position. But the one who is lazy will be forced to work like a slave.
25 He who is worrying all the time will have depression. But kind words bring peace and joy to a person.
26 The one who believes in God and is eager to do what is right will help another person make right decisions. But the one who lives like a wicked person will lead others astray from the right path.
27 A lazy person is not able to complete anything. He does not appreciate what he has. That is why what he caught in hunting will get rotten. But a hardworking person appreciates what he earned, so he becomes richer.
28 The one who believes in God will do the right thing and live a happy life. But the one who sins is going towards death.

Chapter 13

1 A wise son listens when his father makes him proper corrections. But a disobedient son does not pay attention when he is being corrected.
2 A person’s life depends on his words. The one who knows how to talk to people in a right way will achieve success. But evil will come into the life of a person who speaks and does what is evil.
3 He who thinks before speaking will keep himself out of trouble. But he who does not think before speaking will destroy his life.
4 A lazy person dreams of getting rich, but he will become poorer. But he who loves working will achieve everything he wants.
5 He who believes in God and is eager to do what is right hates lies. But a wicked person lies shamelessly, and this way he brings shame on himself.
6 A believer who is eager to do what is right will not go astray from the right path. But a sinner does evil which will destroy him.
7 There are some people who have nothing. But they try to make such an impression as though they are rich. And there are some other people who are very rich, but they behave in a simple way.
8 If there is a threat to a rich person, he can pay a ransom. But the poor will never face such threats.
9 The life of a believer is filled with light and joy. But the life of a wicked person becomes darker like a lamp which is dying out.
10 A proud person does not ask anybody for advice. He provokes conflicts and breaks relationships with people. But he who consults with others receives wise advices and avoids quarrels.
11 He who did not work and quickly got rich will waste his money quickly. But he who works hard will increase his savings little by little.
12 If hope is not fulfilled for a long time then the heart of a person becomes depressed. But a fulfilled desire fills a person’s heart with such joy as if he has eaten the fruit from the tree of life.
13 He who neglects the Word of God will destroy his life. But he who is afraid to break God’s commandments will succeed.
14 He who teaches others the Law of God acts wisely. He leads people to the source of life and saves them from mortal danger.
15 It is such a pleasure to talk to an intelligent and kind person. But no one wants to have fellowship with an evil person because he offends others.
16 A person of understanding acts with competence. But a fool has no knowledge, so he shows off his foolishness.
17 Do not rely on an irresponsible person because he will get you into trouble. But the one who fulfills his duties responsibly will help you find a way out of a difficult situation.
18 He who does not want to study will live in poverty, and people will neglect him. But he who loves gaining knowledge will achieve success and earn the respect of people.
19 A person rejoices with all his heart when his dreams come true. But a fool rejoices when he does evil.
20 The one who has fellowship with wise people will become wise. But the one who spends his time in the company of fools will ruin his life.
21 Evil will chase the one who rejects God and lives in sin. But good will come to the one who believes in God and is eager to do what is right.
22 A kind person will leave his inheritance even to his grandchildren. But a sinner will lose his wealth, and it will go to a believer who is eager to do what is right.
23 Even a poor person can get abundant harvest on his field. But if the country has unjust laws then the poor will not be able to get out of his poverty.
24 He who does not punish his son destroys his son’s life. But he who loves his son disciplines and corrects him from his childhood.
25 A believer who is eager to do what is right will eat and get satisfied. But a wicked person will go hungry.

Chapter 14

1 A wise woman takes care of her family and builds her home. But a stupid woman does not care about her household and brings ruin to her family.
2 The one who acts honestly fears the Lord. But the one who deceives others treats God with contempt.
3 A fool speaks with arrogance. He will suffer from his words as though he was beaten with a stick. But a wise person will not get into trouble because of his words, because he controls his tongue.
4 He who does not have oxen does not spend money to keep them. But he who has oxen will be able to plow a lot of land and will reap a large harvest.
5 An honest person will tell the truth in the court. But a dishonest person will tell a lot of lies.
6 A fool makes fun of wisdom, that is why he will never become wise. A person of understanding loves wisdom and easily gets knowledge.
7 A fool cannot teach you anything wise. So do not waste your time on him.
8 A person of knowledge understands how to do the right thing, so he makes a wise decision. But a fool thinks that he knows what to do, so he will do a stupid thing.
9 Fools make fun of the one who repents of his sins. But believers approve when a person comes to God and leaves his sins.
10 No one can fully understand the sorrow of another person’s broken heart. And the same way no one can fully understand the joy of another person.
11 The house a wicked person will be destroyed. But the home of a believer who is eager to do what is right will be in an excellent condition.
12 There is a dangerous path which seems right from human point of view. But if a person chooses this path, it will lead him to death.
13 Despite the fact that a person looks joyful, his soul may hurt. And when he stops laughing, he will be left alone with his sufferings.
14 A person whose heart rejects God will receive what he deserved by his actions. And a believer who did good things will also receive what he deserved.
15 A naive person believes everything he hears and makes stupid decisions. But a person of understanding thinks carefully about each situation before making a right choice.
16 A wise person is afraid of getting into troubles, so he stays away from evil. But a fool does not think about the consequences of his actions. He does evil and hopes that nothing bad will happen to him.
17 People can forgive a hot tempered person who gets angry and does something stupid. But they will hate the one who harms others on purpose.
18 A fool does not like learning that is why he will inherit foolishness. But a wise person is eager to get knowledge which will decorate him like a crown.
19 The one who does evil will admit his defeat and will seek the favor of the one who does good. And the one who commits crimes and oppose God, will come to the house of a believer to ask him for help.
20 Nobody likes a poor person. And even his closest relatives cannot hide their dislike for him. But a rich person has many friends.
21 The one who treats others with contempt when they ask him for help commits sin. But what kind of joy and blessing receives the person who shows compassion and helps the needy!
22 He who plans to harm others has gone astray. But the one who walks on the right path thinks how to help others. Such a person will earn love and respect of people.
23 A hardworking person will succeed in everything he does and will live in abundance. But the one who only speaks and does nothing will live in poverty.
24 The one who acts wisely will be rewarded with riches. But the one who acts stupidly will receive nothing but stupidity.
25 An honest person will tell the truth in the court and save others from false accusations. But a dishonest person will tell many lies and destroy the innocent people.
26 The one who fears the Lord will trust Him completely in every situation. And God will hide the children of such a person in a safe place if his family faces danger.
27 He who fears the Lord will be filled with such strength, as if he drinks from the source of life. Such a person will avoid situations which could lead him to death.
28 The more population of a country increases, the more powerful the king becomes. But if population decreases, the king loses his power.
29 The more patience a person shows, the more wisdom he has. But the one who quickly loses his temper behaves stupidly.
30 A person whose heart is filled with peace will have good health. But envy ruins health the same way as mortal disease that destroys the bones.
31 The one who treats a poor person unfairly and makes himself rich at his expense insults his Creator. But the one who shows compassion and helps the poor brings glory to God.
32 When trouble comes, it will ruin the life of a wicked person. And he will receive what he deserves according to his evil deeds. But a believer who is eager to do what is right will trust in God, even when his life will be in mortal danger.
33 The heart of a wise person is filled with wisdom. And he knows how to give a wise answer to a stupid person.
34 A nation which believes in God and is eager to do what is right will make their country great. But a nation which lives in sin will bring shame to their country.
35 A king will be pleased with a slave who does his work with competence. But the king will get angry at the one who does his job in a wrong way.

Chapter 15

1 The one who knows how to respond gently when he is being insulted will be able to calm down another person who is overwhelmed with anger. But the one who speaks insulting words in response will provoke even greater wrath in the irritated person.
2 When wise people speak, they share useful knowledge with others. But when fools speak, their words have no common sense.
3 The Lord can see everything what happens on the earth. He watches over those who do evil and those who do good.
4 Kind words fill a person with such strength, as if he has eaten the fruit from the tree of life. But evil words crush the spirit of a person.
5 He who ignores proper corrections of his father is foolish. But he who pays attention when his father corrects him is a person of understanding.
6 A believer earns his living in an honest way and purchases many expensive things for his home. But a wicked person gets a lot of profit by illegal means, and it brings him only problems.
7 If a person has a wise heart, he will share his knowledge with others. But if foolishness lives in a person’s heart, his words will have no common sense.
8 It is disgusting to the Lord when wicked people offer sacrifices to Him to win His favor. But God loves when believers who are eager to do what is right come to Him in prayer.
9 The way of life of a wicked person is disgusting to the Lord. But God loves the one who choose right direction in life.
10 The one who turns away from the right way will be punished severely. And the one who hates being corrected by others will die.
11 The Lord can see what is happening in hell and in the world where people go after death. And of course, He can see what is happening in the hearts of people who live on the earth.
12 A fool likes making fun of others. But he does not like those who make proper corrections to him. So he will never have fellowship with wise people.
13 If a person’s heart is filled with joy, he will look happy. But if his heart is filled with pain, his spirit will be crushed, and he will look depressed.
14 The heart of a wise person looks for knowledge. But the heart of a fool is filled with foolishness, and what he says has no meaning.
15 If a person’s heart is filled with pain, then every day he will feel miserable and depressed. But the one whose heart is filled with joy will enjoy every day of his life.
16 It is better to have little income and fear the Lord than to gain a lot of wealth by illegal means and worry all the time.
17 It is better to eat a simple vegetable dish with loved ones than to eat the meat of a fattened ox with those whose hearts are filled with hatred.
18 A hot-tempered person starts a conflict, but a patient one stops it.
19 A lazy person does not like working. And his life is like a path overgrown with thorny weeds. A believer likes working. And his life is like a well-made road.
20 A wise son brings joy to his father. But a stupid one treats his mother with contempt and upsets her.
21 A fool likes doing foolish things, that is why he goes on the wrong path in life. But a person of understanding likes doing what is right, that is why he goes in the right direction.
22 The one who does not discuss his plans with other people will not be able to carry them out. But the one who listens to the advices of many knowledgeable people will be able to fulfill his plans.
23 What a joy a person experiences when he says the right words at the right time to help another.
24 The life of a wise person is like a road which goes up. He will not go astray from the right path and will not find himself on the road which goes down to hell.
25 The Lord will destroy the house of those who are proud and who treat a widow unjustly. God will protect the widow and her property.
26 The Lord hates when a wicked person thinks of how to do evil. But God loves when a believer thinks of how to do good and talks about it.
27 A greedy person takes bribes to get rich, but he will ruin his family. But the one who hates bribes will avoid troubles.
28 A believer thinks before speaking and responds calmly to another. But a wicked person does not think about the consequences of his words and shouts at people with anger.
29 Wicked people spend their lives far away from the Lord. But believers have close relationship with God. And when they come to Him in prayer, He listens to them.
30 A positive person can influence others and bring joy to their hearts. He encourages people and they gain new strength.
31 The one who wants to change his live should go to wise people and listen carefully to their teaching.
32 He who does not pay attention to proper corrections harms himself. But he who listens to corrections will become a wise person.
33 The one who fears the Lord will learn to act wisely. And the one who treats others without arrogance will earn the respect of people.

Chapter 16

1 A person makes plans in his heart, but the Lord answers through His Word.
2 A person thinks that all his ways are pure, but the Lord checks his soul.
3 Dedicate your work to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.
4 The Lord made everything for His purpose, and He even keeps the ungodly for the day of disaster.
5 Every person who has a proud heart is disgusting to God. Such a person will get punishment for sure.
6 Mercy and truth cleans from sin. He who fears God avoids evil.
7 When a person pleases God with the way he lives then God makes even his enemies to live at peace with him.
8 It is better to live humbly and honestly than to deceive and to have a large income.
9 A person makes plans in his heart about his way, but the Lord directs the steps of the person.
10 The word of the king becomes a law, so the king should speak truthful speech in the court.
11 The Lord established the standards of honesty. Only accurate scales and balances show correct weight.
12 It is disgusting for kings to do evil, because righteousness makes their authority stronger.
13 A king delights in truthful speech. He loves the person who speaks the truth.
14 When a king gets angry it brings death, but a wise person will convince the king to show mercy.
15 When the king’s face gets brighter, it brings life. The king’s kindness is like a cloud which brings spring rain.
16 Get wisdom, it costs much more than gold. Get understanding, it costs more expensive than pure silver.
17 Righteous people walk on the way and avoid evil. The person who guards his way protects his soul.
18 In the beginning pride comes, and after that destruction comes. The spirit of pride leads to a fall.
19 It is better to have a humble spirit and live among the poor people than to share stolen things with the proud people.
20 He who listens to advices will find good. The Lord will bless the person who trust in Him.
21 If a person has wisdom in his heart then people will call him an understanding person, and pleasant speech makes learning easier.
22 The person who has understanding drinks from the source of life. And when a fool corrects others, it looks stupid.
23 The heart of a wise person will teach him how to speak wise words and will make his speech convincing.
24 Pleasant speech pours like honey, it becomes sweet to the soul and heals the bones.
25 It happens that a person thinks that he walks on the right ways, but they end in death.
26 A person works because hunger forces him to work.
27 A liar plans to do evil, and his words burn like fire.
28 A troublemaker sows conflict, and a gossiper separates friends.
29 A person with evil intentions convinces another one to believe in deception and leads him to the harmful path.
30 A person winks with his eyes and plans to harm, he bites his lips and does evil.
31 A person who walks in the way of righteousness will live to the gray hair, and his life will be crowned with glory.
32 It is better to be a patient person than a mighty warrior. It is better to have self-control than to conquer a city.
33 A person casts lots and hopes for luck, but the Lord decides everything.

Chapter 17

1 It is better to eat a piece of dry bread and live in peace than to have a feast in a house full of fresh meat with conflict.
2 A wise slave rules over the master’s disgraceful son. The slave will receive the part of the inheritance among the brothers.
3 A goldsmith melts silver and purifies gold with fire, but the Lord tests the hearts.
4 An evildoer pays attention to deceitful words, and a liar listens to harmful talks.
5 A person who laughs at the poor insults God who made him. A person who rejoices at disaster will get punishment.
6 Grandchildren make the life of the old people beautiful. And children inherit the glory of their parents.
7 People get puzzled when they hear a beautiful talk of a fool. But people get puzzled even more when they hear a leader lying.
8 It seems to a person that a bribe will work like a precious stone. He thinks that he will succeed everywhere he goes.
9 A person who forgives an offense will find love. But a person who reminds about the offense will lose a friend.
10 Rebuke a wise person one time, and he will correct himself. Beat a fool one hundred times, but he will not obey.
11 He who rebels will find only evil, and a cruel angel will be sent against him.
12 It is better to meet a mother bear who lost her children than to meet a fool with his stupidity.
13 Evil will not depart from the house of the person who repays evil for good.
14 Starting a quarrel reminds a sudden stream of water. Stop a quarrel before it burst.
15 The one who justifies a wicked person is disgusting to the Lord. And the one who condemns a righteous person is also disgusting to God.
16 Why should a fool have wealth in his hands? A fool has no understanding, he will not gain wisdom.
17 A friend loves at all times. Like a brother he will come to help in the time of disaster.
18 A stupid person guarantees to pay off the debts of another person.
19 A person who loves quarrels loves sin. And a person who opens his mouth wide, like a gate will find disaster.
20 A deceitful heart will not find good. A lier will get into trouble.
21 The father of the fool will not rejoice, he will grieve because he gave birth to a stupid person.
22 A joyful heart heals like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.
23 A wicked person takes a bribe in secret and pervert the ways of justice.
24 A wise person turns his face to wisdom, but the eyes of a fool wander to the ends of the earth.
25 A stupid son brings grief to his father and bitterness to his mother.
26 It is wrong to punish innocent people. It is also wrong to beat famous people because they are honest.
27 A wise person controls his words. A calm person thinks clearly.
28 When a fool keeps silent, he may look wise. A person who keeps his mouth shut may look like an understanding person.

Chapter 18

1 A selfish person follows his foolish desires, and he rebels against all wise things.
2 A stupid person does not like knowledge, but he thinks that he is smart, and he shows off his mind.
3 When a wicked person comes, he brings contempt. A disgraceful behavior leads to shame.
4 The words of a man looks like deep waters, but the source of wisdom flows like a stream.
5 Be just in the court, do not justify a wicked person and do not lie about the righteous one.
6 The words of a fool start a conflict, and his words provoke fighting.
7 A stupid person destroys himself by his words, and he sets a trap for his soul by his words.
8 The words of a gossiper are tasty, they go deep into the heart of a person.
9 A lazy person becomes a brother to the destroyer.
10 The name of the Lord is like a strong tower, the righteous person runs to it and lives safely there.
11 A high wall protects a strong city. The same way the wealth of the rich person protects him from troubles, but it happens only in his imagination.
12 In the beginning humility comes, and after that honor comes. But when pride enters the heart of a person then destruction happens.
13 A stupid person does not listen but he gives an answer so he will be ashamed.
14 The spirit of a person makes him strong when he gets sick. But who can strengthen a broken spirit?
15 The heart of the intelligent person gains knowledge. A wise person listens carefully and finds knowledge.
16 A gift opens doors, and it will lead the giver to important people.
17 He who speaks first in the court seems right, but when his opponent comes then cross-examination begins.
18 Flipping the coin stops quarrels and settles disputes between powerful opponents.
19 An offended brother is harder to win back than a strong city. And quarrels are like locked gates of a fortress.
20 Words bear fruit, and they fill a person like food fills his stomach. A person will reap the result of his words.
21 Words have power, they bring life and death. And what a person likes talking about, it will bear fruits.
22 A person who found a wife found a treasure, and he received grace from the Lord.
23 The poor person speaks with pleading, but the rich person answers harshly.
24 A person who wants to have friends must be friendly. It happens that a friend becomes closer than a brother.

Chapter 19

1 It is better to be poor and live blamelessly than to be a rich and a lying fool.
2 It is not good for a soul to live without knowledge. And he who moves in a hurry will stumble.
3 A person destroys his life by his stupid actions but his heart is angry at the Lord.
4 Wealth adds many friends, but poverty drives all friends away.
5 A false witness will not go unpunished. And he who speaks lie will not be saved.
6 Many people seek approval of influential people. And everyone wants to be a friend with the person who gives gifts.
7 All the brothers of the poor person hate him, and even his friends depart from him. The poor person runs after them because he wants to talk, but they hide from him.
8 He who get wisdom loves his soul. He who thinks clearly will prosper.
9 A false witness will not go unpunished. And he who speaks lie will perish.
10 When a fool lives in luxury then people get puzzled. But when a slave rules over the princes then people get puzzled even more.
11 Sound mind makes a person patient. He overlooks wrongdoings of other people, and he earns respect.
12 Angry king roars like a lion. But king’s kindness refreshes like dew on the grass.
13 A stupid son brings his father to ruin. A quarrelsome wife annoys like the constant dripping on the roof.
14 Parents give their sons an inheritance of houses and riches. But the Lord gives an understanding wife.
15 Laziness brings people into a deep sleep, a lazy soul will be hungry.
16 He who keeps the commandment guards his soul. But a person who lives carelessly will perish.
17 He who helps a poor person lends to the Lord, and God will reward him for his good works.
18 Discipline your son and have hope that he will not destroy his life. Do not allow your son to manipulate you.
19 Let a hot-tempered person reap the results of his anger. Do not rescue him from his troubles, otherwise you will have to do it again and again.
20 Listen to advices, accept proper corrections, and later you will become wise.
21 A person makes many plans in his heart, but the Lord will fulfill only His plans.
22 Charity brings joy to a person. The poor man is better than a liar.
23 The fear of God leads to life. He who fears the Lord will always be pleased, and evil will not come upon him.
24 A lazy person puts his hand down into the bowl, but he does not want to lift it to his mouth.
25 Punish an offender, and a simple person will start thinking clearly. Correct a wise person and he will understand the advice.
26 If a son robs his father and chases away his mother then he brings shame and disgrace.
27 My son, if you stop paying attention to proper corrections then you will turn away from the words which bring knowledge.
28 A dishonest witness mocks at justice, and wicked people feed themselves with evil.
29 Judgement is ready for offenders, and sticks are prepared for the backs of the fools.

Chapter 20

1 He who drinks wine mocks at people. And he who loves strong drinks fights with others. A person who has no understanding is addicted to alcohol.
2 An angry king roars like a lion. He who annoys the king sins against himself.
3 It is honorable for a person to stop a quarrel, but every fool starts a quarrel.
4 A lazy person does not work in the field before planting season. He will go out into the field in summer, and he will find nothing there.
5 Human thoughts are like deep waters. They fill the heart, but a wise person draws them out.
6 Many people boast about their good works, but who can find an honest person?
7 A righteous person lives blamelessly, and his children will live a blessed life.
8 A king sits on the throne of judgment, and he drives away all evil with his eyes.
9 Who can say, “I made my heart clean, I am pure of my sin?”
10 False weight and unequal measures are disgusting to the Lord.
11 Watch the behavior of the young man, and you will understand how honestly and correctly he will act.
12 The Lord created ears, and they can hear. The Lord created eyes, and they can see.
13 Do not love sleep, and you will not become poor. Keep your eyes open, and you will eat your bread to the full.
14 “It is expensive, it is expensive,” says the buyer, but when he goes away then he boasts about his purchase.
15 Gold and rubies are expensive, but people treasure wise words like a precious jewel.
16 Take the clothes of the one who promises and guarantees to pay off the debts of another person.
17 Stolen bread tastes sweet, but later the mouth of the person will be filled with sand.
18 Plans succeed through good advices, so seek guidance and go to war.
19 He who gossips opens a secret. Do not fellowship with the person who talks too much.
20 He who curses his father and mother, the lamp of such a person will stop shining in the middle of the deep darkness.
21 If a person claims his inheritance too early, it will not bring a blessing in the future.
22 Do not say, “I will pay you back for evil.” Wait, and the Lord will protect you.
23 Unequal measures are disgusting to the Lord, and false scales bring evil.
24 How can a person know his way? The Lord directs his steps.
25 If a person gives a promise in a hurry, and later he thinks about the consequences, then he traps himself.
26 A wise king will scatter wicked people, and he will drive a threshing wheel over them.
27 God lights a lamp in the human spirit, and the light penetrates into the depths of his heart.
28 Mercy and truth guard the king, and he makes his throne secure by mercy.
29 Young men are famous for their strength, but gray hair makes old men beautiful.
30 Beatings penetrate deep inside, and wounds bring healing from evil.

Chapter 21

1 The Lord holds the heart of the king in His hand. And like the streams of water God directs it according to His will.
2 A person thinks that he walks on the right way, but the Lord checks the hearts.
3 Keep righteousness and justice, it pleases the Lord more than a sacrifice.
4 Wicked people have a proud look and arrogant heart, and it is a sin.
5 Thoughts of the hard working person lead to prosperity. But he who only wants to finish his work in a hurry, will live in poverty.
6 If a person gains wealth by lying then his riches will disappear quickly like mist. A liar will find death.
7 The violence of the wicked people will destroy them because they refuse to do what is right.
8 A corrupt person crooks his way, but a pure person acts directly.
9 It is better to live in the corner of the roof than to live in a big house with a quarrelsome wife.
10 The soul of the wicked person desires evil, he will have no mercy even on his friend.
11 When an offender gets his punishment then a simple person becomes wise. When you teach a wise person, he gets knowledge.
12 The Righteous God watches over the house of the wicked person, and He brings disaster on wicked people.
13 Do not close your ears when a poor person cries for help. Otherwise you will also cry, but nobody will hear you.
14 A secret gift stops anger, and a bribe calms down a strong fury.
15 Justice brings joy to a godly person, but an evildoer is afraid of justice.
16 A person who wanders from the way of understanding will come to the place where dead people gather.
17 He who loves pleasure will become poor. A person who loves wine and oil will not be rich.
18 A wicked person will become a ransom for the life of the righteous. And a liar will pay with his life instead of an honest person.
19 It is better to live in the desert than to live with a quarrelsome and angry wife.
20 A wise person fills his house with oil and precious possessions, but a stupid person spends all good things.
21 He who has mercy and does what is right will find life, righteousness and respect.
22 A wise person enters the city of strong people, and he destroys the fortress in which they trust.
23 Be careful when you talk, watch your words, and you will save your soul from troubles.
24 An arrogant evildoer acts with pride, and people will call him a wicked person.
25 The desire of the lazy person will kill him because his hands refuse to work.
26 Every day a lazy person wants to get what he does not have. But a righteous person gives away good things without sparing.
27 When wicked people bring a sacrifice, it is disgusting, especially when they do it with evil plans.
28 An honest person always says what he knows, but a false witness will perish.
29 A righteous person acts thoughtfully, but a wicked person speaks rudely.
30 No wisdom, no understanding, no plans can stand against the Lord.
31 People prepare the horse for the day of battle, but victory comes from the Lord.

Chapter 22

1 A good name costs more than great riches. People value good reputation more than silver and gold.
2 What do a rich person and a poor person have in common? God created both of them.
3 A clever person sees danger, and he hides. But an unexperienced person keeps going, and he gets punishment.
4 A humble person who is afraid of God will receive wealth, respect and life.
5 A corrupt person will get into the thorns and traps on his way. But he who guards his soul stays far away from them.
6 Direct a child into the right path, and even when he is old he will not turn away from it.
7 A rich person rules over a poor person. He who takes a loan becomes a slave to his creditor.
8 He who plants injustice will harvest disaster, and authorities will destroy him in anger.
9 People will bless a generous person because he shares his bread with the poor people.
10 Drive out the offender, and fighting will leave. Quarrels and insults will also disappear.
11 He who loves purity of heart speaks with grace, and the king will become his friend.
12 The Lord sees knowledge, and He protects it. God overthrows the words of those who do not have faith.
13 The lazy person says, “A lion walks outside! If I go out, it will kill me in the middle of the public place!”
14 The words of an immoral woman destroy like a deep pit. Those who make the Lord angry will fall there.
15 Foolishness fills the heart of a child, but the rod will correct him and remove his folly from him.
16 He who oppresses a poor person and increases his wealth will become poor. And he who gives gifts to a rich person will become poor.
17 Listen carefully to the words of the wise people, and direct your heart to knowledge.
18 Keep wise sayings in your heart, speak wise words, and it will bring you joy.
19 I teach you today, and you should remember, let your trust will be in the Lord.
20 I wrote to you thirty times, I gave you advices and knowledge.
21 I taught you the accurate words of truth, and you tell them to those who send you.
22 Do not rob a poor person because he is poor. Do not oppress a needy person in court.
23 The Lord will defend the case of the poor in court, and He will take away the life of those who rob poor people.
24 Do not make friendship with angry people. Do not communicate with a hot-tempered person.
25 Otherwise you will learn his ways and set a trap for your soul.
26 Do not be the one who promises and guarantees to pay off the debts of another person.
27 If you cannot pay, then your creditors will take even your bed on which you sleep.
28 Do not move a boundary which your fathers set up long ago.
29 Do you see a skillful person who knows his work well? He will serve kings, he will not stand before simple people.

Chapter 23

1 When you sit to eat with an influential person then pay attention to what is on the table.
2 Do not eat greedily, control yourself.
3 Do not desire the delicious food of the influential person, such food is deceptive.
4 Do not wear yourself out to make wealth, leave such thoughts.
5 You will look at the riches, but it disappeared already. Wealth will make wings for itself and fly away to the sky like an eagle.
6 Do not eat the food of a person who is greedy, and do not desire his delicious food.
7 Thoughts fill soul, and they show who the person really is. He says to you, “Eat and drink,” but he thinks opposite in his heart.
8 You will vomit even the small pieces which you ate. And you will say good words to him in vain.
9 Do not teach a fool, because he will despise the wisdom of your words.
10 Do not move an old boundary and do not take the land of the orphans.
11 They have a strong Defender. He will come out against you, and He will defend the case of the needy.
12 Let your heart pay attention to proper corrections. Listen to the words which bring knowledge.
13 Make proper corrections to your child. If you punish him with the rod, he will not die.
14 You will punish him with a rod, and will save his soul from hell.
15 My son, if your heart becomes wise then my heart will rejoice.
16 All my inner being will rejoice when you speak what is right.
17 Do not let your heart envy sinners. Let your heart fear the Lord all the days of your life.
18 You have a good future ahead of you, do not lose your hope.
19 My son, listen and become wise, direct your heart to the right way.
20 Do not feast with those who drink wine, and who eat too much meat.
21 Drunkards and big eaters will become poor. Sleepiness will dress them with torn clothes.
22 Listen to your father because he gave you life. Do not despise your mother when she is old.
23 Buy the truth and do not sell wisdom. Buy proper corrections and do not sell understanding.
24 The father of the righteous person celebrates and rejoices because he gave life to a wise person.
25 Let your father be glad, and let your mother rejoice because she gave birth to a wise person.
26 My son, give me your heart, and let your eyes watch my ways.
27 An immoral woman destroys a man like a deep pit. And sleeping with a wife of another man is like falling into a narrow well.
28 An immoral woman waits in a hiding place like a bandit. And she multiplies the number of unfaithful men.
29 Who suffers and sorrows? Who fights and complains? Who has red eyes and wounds without reason?
30 He who spends a lot of time with a bottle suffers woe. He who goes and searches for wine, has wounds without reason.
31 Do not look at wine how red it is, and how it sparkles in the cup. Do not look how smoothly it goes down into the cup.
32 Later wine will bite you like a snake. Wine will poison you like a viper.
33 You will see hallucinations, and your heart will speak immoral things.
34 You will loose coordination like during the storm. You will fall asleep even on the top of the mast in the middle of the sea.
35 You will say, “They hit me, but I am not hurt. They pushed me, but I did not feel it. When I wake up, I will go and drink again.”

Chapter 24

1 Do not envy evil people and do not desire to be with them.
2 The heart of the evil people thinks about violence, and their lips talk about evil things.
3 People build a house by wisdom, they establish a house by understanding.
4 Through knowledge people fill the rooms of the house with all precious and beautiful riches.
5 If a person becomes wise, it means, he becomes strong. Knowledge makes a person stronger and stronger.
6 You need wise guidance when you go to war. You will win if you have many advisers.
7 A stupid person cannot understand wise things. He will not open his mouth in the gathering of people.
8 If a person plans to do evil, people call him an evildoer.
9 If a person plans to do a stupid thing, he sins. The offender is disgusting to people.
10 If you are getting weaker in a time of trouble, that means you are not strong.
11 Save those who are led to death. Do not reject those who are doomed to be killed.
12 You say, “We did not know about this.” But God tests the hearts, and He knows your words. He watches over your soul, and He will reward every person according to his deeds.
13 My son, you eat honey because it is good. You eat honeycomb because it is sweet.
14 Gain wisdom, and your soul will enjoy it like honey and honeycomb. If you find wisdom then you will have a good future, and you will not lose your hope.
15 O wicked person, do not plan to do evil against the house of the righteous, do not destroy the place where he rests.
16 A righteous person will fall seven times, but he will get up again. But a disaster will destroy wicked people.
17 When your enemy falls, do not rejoice. When your enemy stumbles, do not let your heart be glad.
18 Otherwise, the Lord will see that you are happy, and He will not like it. And God will turn His angry away from your enemy.
19 Do not be angry at evildoers and do not envy wicked people.
20 An evildoer has no future, and the lamp of the wicked will stop shining.
21 My son, fear the Lord and the king, do not associate with rebels.
22 Suddenly disaster will come from God and from the king. And who knows what will happen to the rebels?
23 Wise people also said, ”It is not good to show favoritism in judgment.”
24 Do not say to a guilty person, “You are right.” Otherwise, people will curse you, and nations will hate you.
25 But if you rebuke the wicked person then people will love you, and rich blessings will come upon you.
26 An honest answer is pleasant like a kiss on the lips.
27 Finish your outside work and your work on the field, and then build your house.
28 Do not speak a false testimony against another person. Why should you lie?
29 Do not say, “As he did to me, so I will do to him. I will pay the person back according to his deeds.”
30 I walked by the field of a lazy person, I passed by the vineyard of a stupid person.
31 Thorns and bushes grew up there, and the stone wall fell down.
32 I looked and thought in my heart about it, and I learned a lesson,
33 “This is what will happen if you sleep a little bit and get a little nap, if you fold your hands and rest a little bit.
34 Then poverty will come to you like a beggar. Then need will come to you like an armed man.”

Chapter 25

1 These are the proverbs of Solomon which the people of Hezekiah King of Judah collected.
2 People glorify God because He covers His matters with mystery. People glorify kings because they reveal the secrets of God.
3 No one can measure the height of heaven and the depth of the earth. The same way no one can understand the heart of the kings.
4 The silversmith removes the impurity from silver, and he makes a vessel.
5 Remove a wicked person from the king, and the king will rule on his throne in righteousness.
6 Do not exalt yourself in the presence of the king and do not take the place of great people.
7 It is better if people tell you, “Come up here,” and then nobody will humiliate you in the presence of an influential person.
8 Do not be in a hurry to go to court. Otherwise, what will you do when your opponent puts you to shame in the end?
9 If you take your opponent to court then do not open the secret of another person.
10 Otherwise, this person will hear your words, and he will shame you, and then you will not restore your reputation.
11 People value golden apples in silver vessels. The same way people value words which they say in the right time.
12 As people value gold earrings and pure gold jewelry, so an attentive person values a rebuke of a wise person.
13 Icy water refreshes during the harvest. The same way a trustworthy courier makes glad those people who send him. He brings joy to the soul of his master.
14 A person who boasts of gifts which he did not give looks like wind and clouds without rain.
15 Convince a ruler with patience, and he will show mercy. Soft tongue breaks a bone.
16 Did you find honey? Eat as much as you need, but do not eat too much, otherwise you will vomit.
17 Do not visit the house of your friend too often. Otherwise, he will get tired of you, and he will hate you.
18 A person who gives a false testimony against another one wounds like a club, a sword and a sharp arrow.
19 Nobody relies on a broken tooth and on a lame foot. The same way do not put your confidence in an unreliable person in the time of trouble.
20 He who sings songs to a sad heart is like a person who removes clothes on a cold day. He who sings songs to a sad heart pours vinegar in a wound.
21 If your enemy is hungry, feed him with bread. If he wants to drink, give him water.
22 If your enemy’s fireplace stops burning then share your burning coals with him. Gather the coals in a bowl so that he could put it on his head and take the coals home. And the Lord will reward you for doing good to your enemy.
23 A north wind brings rain, and the same way gossip brings anger to people’s faces.
24 It is better to live in the corner of the roof than to live in a big house with a quarrelsome wife.
25 Cold water refreshes a thirsty and tired soul. The same way a person comes back to life, when he hears good news from a distant country.
26 A righteous person who bows before a wicked one reminds a muddy source of water and a polluted well.
27 It is not good to eat too much honey, it is also not good to seek honor for yourself.
28 A person who does not control his spirit is like a broken city without walls.

Chapter 26

1 It is disappointing when snow falls in the summer, and it rains during the harvest. It is also disappointing when people honor a fool.
2 If you did not deserve a curse, then it will not come upon you. An undeserved curse will spread its wings like a bird, and it will fly away.
3 People direct a horse with a whip, and they stop a donkey with a bridle. But people beat the back of a fool with a stick.
4 Do not act stupidly in a response to stupid actions of another person, and you will not become a fool.
5 But give a stupid answer to a stupid question, and then the fool will not become wise in his eyes.
6 He who trusts a fool to deliver a message cuts off his legs and gets into trouble.
7 When a fool speaks in a proverb, he resembles a lame person who moves his legs with difficulty.
8 He who honors a fool is like a person who shoots a sling with precious stones.
9 If a fool speaks in a proverb, he reminds of a drunkard who takes a thorny branch in his hand.
10 He who has an authority acts according to his own will. He rewards a fool, he rewards a random person.
11 As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his foolishness.
12 Did you see a person wise in his eyes? He is worse than a fool, you cannot rely on him.
13 A lazy person says, “A lion walks on the road, a lion goes on the streets!”
14 As a door turns on its hinges, so a lazy person turns on his bed.
15 A lazy person puts his hand down into the bowl, but it is difficult for him to lift it to his mouth.
16 A lazy person looks smarter in his eyes than seven people who answer wisely.
17 He who passes by and interferes in people’s quarrel is like a person who grabs a dog by the ears.
18 He who pretends to be crazy becomes a dangerous person. He plays with fire, arrows and death.
19 A person who deceives his friend, but then he says, “I was only joking,” is also dangerous.
20 Fire goes out without wood, and quarrels disappear without a gossiper.
21 Charcoal quickly gives heat, and wood quickly starts fire. The same way a quarrelsome person quickly starts a fight.
22 The words of a gossiper are tasty like sweets, they go deep inside of a person.
23 He who speaks great words, but has an evil heart, is like a clay pot which is covered with impure silver.
24 An enemy covers his hatred with deceitful words, but he plans to do evil in his heart.
25 If your enemy speaks with a kind voice, do not believe him, because seven disgusting things fills his heart.
26 An enemy deceives and hides his hatred, but among the assembly of people he will show his evilness.
27 He who digs a pit for another person will fall into it. Do not roll a stone on another person, otherwise this stone will roll back on you.
28 A deceitful person hates others, and he crushes them with his words. Deceitful words lead to ruin.

Chapter 27

1 Do not boast about tomorrow, because you do not know what the day will bring.
2 Do not praise yourself, let another person do it. Don’t speak the words of praise about yourself, let other people do it.
3 It is heavy to carry stones, it is heavy to carry sand, but the anger of a fool is heavier than stones and sand.
4 Anger wakes up cruelty, and fury comes like a flood. But who can stand against jealousy?
5 It is better to rebuke openly than to pretend that you love and keep silence.
6 A friend loves sincerely, and he rebukes sincerely. But an enemy hates, and he kisses falsely.
7 A person who has a full stomach hates honeycombs. But everything becomes sweet for a hungry soul.
8 A person who leaves his place is like a bird which leaves its nest.
9 A good advice of a friend brings joy to the heart like fragrant oil and perfume.
10 When a disaster happens, do not go to your brother’s house. It is better to go to your friend or to your father’s friend. A close neighbor will help more than a brother who lives far away.
11 My son, become wise, make my heart glad. And then I will know what to answer to the person who speaks evil about me.
12 A clever person foresees danger and hides from it. But an unexperienced person goes ahead, and he gets in trouble.
13 If you promise and guarantee to pay off the debts of another person then you will lose even your clothes.
14 If early in the morning you loudly bless your friend, it will sound to him like a curse.
15 A quarrelsome wife annoys like the constant dripping on a rainy day.
16 He who wants to stop a quarrelsome wife wants to stop the wind. You will not hold her, she will slip away like from oily hands.
17 As iron sharpens iron, so friends correct each other.
18 He who takes care of a fig tree will eat its fruit. He who protects his master will get respect.
19 Look in the water, and you will see the face. Look in the heart, and you will see who the person really is.
20 Hell and death are never satisfied, the same way the eyes of a person are not satisfied.
21 People value purified silver and refined gold. The same way people value a person who has good recommendations.
22 Beat a stupid person along with grain in a vessel, but even a crushing stick will not separate his foolishness from him.
23 Pay attention to your cattle and take care of your flocks.
24 You cannot keep reaches forever. And does authority pass from generation to generation?
25 When people remove dry grass, then tender grass grows again, and people gather mountain herbs.
26 Make your clothes from sheep’s wool, and pay off the price of a field with your goats.
27 And the goats will give enough milk for you, for your family and for your female servants.

Chapter 28

1 A wicked person runs away though no one chases him. But a righteous person walks boldly like a lion.
2 When a country rebels against the law, then it has many rulers. But when a wise and a knowledgeable person governs, then stability comes to the country.
3 Heavy rain destroys the crop. A poor man does the same if he oppresses needy people.
4 He who breaks the Law of God the Creator praises wicked people. He who obeys the Law of God resists wicked people.
5 Evil people do not understand justice. But he who seeks the Lord understands everything.
6 It is better to be poor and to live blamelessly than to be rich and to pervert his ways.
7 An understanding son obeys the Law of God the Creator. But he who joins a bad company brings shame to his father.
8 He who lends money at high interest will give his profit to the one who does charity.
9 It is disgusting to God if a person prays, but he does not listen to the Law of God the Creator.
10 He who leads righteous people to an evil path will fall into his own pit. But blameless people will inherit good things.
11 A rich man thinks that he is wise, but a smart poor man can see who the rich man really is.
12 When righteous people triumph, then great glory comes. But when wicked people rise, then people hide themselves.
13 He who hides his sins will not prosper. But a person who confesses his sins and turns away from them will receive mercy.
14 A blessed person always trembles before God. But he who makes his heart hard will fall into trouble.
15 A wicked ruler over a poor nation is dangerous like a roaring lion and a hungry bear.
16 A foolish ruler oppresses his people greatly. But if a ruler hates corruption, then he will govern for a long time.
17 A person who shed blood is guilty of murder. He will live in fear until his death that people will catch him.
18 He who walks blamelessly will live safely. But he who crooks his ways will fall in one of them.
19 He who works on his land will have a lot of bread, but a lazy person will become poor.
20 An honest person becomes rich with blessings. But he who who wants to get rich quickly will get punishment.
21 It is not good to show favoritism. A partial person will do wrong things even for a piece of bread.
22 A greedy person wants to get rich quickly. But he does not know that he will become poor.
23 Make proper corrections to others, and later people will appreciate you more than the one who speaks lie.
24 A person who joined a company of wicked people will rob his father and his mother. He will say, “This is not a sin.”
25 A greedy person starts a quarrel. But he who trusts in the Lord will prosper.
26 It is foolish to trust in yourself. Walk in wisdom, and you will live safely.
27 He who gives to a poor person will not live in need. But he who ignores a poor person will receive many curses.
28 When wicked people rise, then people hide. But when wicked people perish, then righteous people multiply.

Chapter 29

1 When people rebuke a person, but he continues to be stubborn, then disease will suddenly destroy him, and he will not get healing.
2 When righteous people come to authority, then people rejoice. But when a wicked person rules, then people groan.
3 He who loves wisdom brings joy to his father. But he who goes to immoral women wastes his wealth.
4 A just king brings stability to his nation. But he who loves taking bribes destroys his country.
5 He who speaks false compliments to his friend spreads a net to his feet.
6 An evil man sins and spreads a net for himself, but a righteous person sings and rejoices.
7 A righteous person cares about the case of the poor, but a wicked person does not care at all.
8 Rebellious people provoke a riot in the city, but wise people calm down angry people.
9 If a wise person goes to court with a fool, then sometimes he will be angry, and sometimes he will laugh, but he will not have peace.
10 Bloodthirsty people hate a blameless person and seek to kill him.
11 A fool pours out all his anger, but a wise person holds his anger back.
12 If a ruler listens to lies, then all his officials are wicked people.
13 What do a poor person and his oppressor have in common? The Lord gives light to the eyes of both.
14 If a king judges poor people justly, then his authority will last forever.
15 A stick and a rebuke bring wisdom. But if people do not discipline a child, he will bring shame to his mother.
16 When wicked people multiply, sin also multiplies. But righteous people will see their fall.
17 Discipline your son, and he will bring you peace, and he will make your soul glad.
18 If people have no revelation from above, they rebel. But people who keep the Law of God the Creator receive blessing.
19 Words will not correct a servant, he understands the words, but he ignores them.
20 Did you know a person who speaks without thinking? He is worse than a fool, you cannot rely on him.
21 If you give your servant everything he wants from his childhood, then in the future he will want to take a place of your son.
22 An angry person starts a fight, and a hot-tempered person sins a lot.
23 Pride humiliates a person. People respect the one who humbles himself in the spirit.
24 He who helps a thief hates himself. He will stand in court, and he will protect the thief.
25 Fear of people spreads a net. But he who trusts in the Lord will live safely.
26 Many people seek approval of a ruler, but justice comes only from the Lord.
27 He who acts unjustly is disgusting to just people. But a righteous person who walks straight is disgusting to a wicked person.

Chapter 30

1 Jakeh had a son Agur. Agur spoke inspired words to Ithiel and Ucal.
2 Surely I am more stupid than other people. I do not understand what others understand.
3 I did not learn wisdom, and I did not gain knowledge of the Holy God.
4 Who went up to heaven and came down? Who can hold the wind in his hands, and who can carry water in his clothes? Who established all the boundaries of the earth? Do you know His name, and what is the name of His Son?
5 Every word of God is pure. God becomes a shield for those who trust in Him.
6 Do not add to the words of God, otherwise He will judge you, and you will become a liar.
7 Do not deny my request. I will ask You for two things before I die.
8 Remove lie and meaningless things from me. Do not give me poverty nor riches. Provide me with my daily bread.
9 Otherwise, if I get rich, I will deny You and say, “Who is the Lord?” And if I become poor, I will steal and bring shame to the name of my God.
10 Do not speak lie about a servant to his master. Otherwise, he will curse you, and you will become guilty.
11 Some people curse their fathers and do not bless their mothers.
12 They think that they are pure, but they are dirty with their waste.
13 Oh, how proudly such people look around! What kind of disrespectful look they throw around!
14 Some people hurt with their teeth like swords. They cut with their jaws like knives. They eat the poor and needy people on the earth.
15 The leach has two daughters. They scream, “Give me more, give me more!” There are three things, and they will not be satisfied. There are even four things, and they will not say, “Enough!”
16 Death and a woman without children will not say, “Enough!” Fire and the earth will not be satisfied with water, they will not say, “Enough!”
17 If a person looks at his father and makes fun of him then crows will eat his eyes in the valley. If a person despises his mother and does not obey her then eagle’s children will eat him.
18 Three things amaze me so much, and I don’t understand four things.
19 I wonder how an eagle flies in the sky, and how a snake crawls on a rock. I do not understand how a ship navigates in the middle of the sea, and how a man finds his way to a young woman.
20 The same way, I do not understand the way of a woman who sleeps with different men. She ate, wiped her mouth and said, “I did nothing wrong.”
21 The earth shakes from three things, and it cannot tolerate four things.
22 It is not right when a slave becomes a king. And it is not right when a fool eats bread to the full.
23 It is not right when a woman who has evil plans gets married. And it is not right when a servant girl takes the place of her mistress.
24 Four little creatures live on the earth, but they are extremely wise.
25 Ants are not strong, but they prepare their food in the summer.
26 Mountain mice are weak, but they build their houses on the rock.
27 Locusts have no king, but they move in order.
28 Lizard quickly moves his legs, and it goes even to the royal palaces.
29 Three animals walk majestically, and even four of them move impressively.
30 A lion is mighty among all the animals, he will not turn away from anyone.
31 A rooster and a goat walk proudly, and a king majestically leads his army.
32 If you become proud then you will do foolishness. Stop, if you plan to do an evil thing.
33 He who beats milk will produce butter. If you beat the nose, then blood will flow. And he who pours out his anger will start a quarrel.

Chapter 31

1 These are the words of king Lemuel. His mother gave him these advices.
2 My son, I gave birth to you. My son, I dedicated you to God!
3 Do not give your strength to women. They destroy kings, do not give your ways to women.
4 Lemuel, kings should not drink wine. Rulers should not drink alcoholic drinks.
5 Otherwise, they will get drunk, and they will forget the law. And they will unjustly judge all the oppressed people.
6 People give a strong drink to a perishing person. And a grieving soul drinks wine.
7 He gets drunk and forgets about his poverty. And while he is still drunk, he does not remember about his suffering.
8 Raise your voice for helpless people and protect oppressed people.
9 Raise your voice for justice, for the case of a poor and a needy person.
10 A man who marries a business woman will treasure her more than precious jewels.
11 His wife will make his life rich. Her husband will trust her with all of his heart.
12 All the days of her life she will do good things to her husband. She will not harm him.
13 She gets wool and flax, she likes working with her hands.
14 Like ships she brings her food from distant places.
15 She gets up while it is still night. She distributes food in her house, and she gives work to her servant girls.
16 She plans to buy a field, and she does it. She plants a vineyard with the money she earned.
17 Her muscles are strong. She feels strength in her hands.
18 She sees that her business goes well. And her lamp does not stop shining even at night.
19 She stretches her hands to a spinning wheel, and she twists thread with her fingers.
20 She helps a poor and a needy person.
21 She is not afraid of cold weather because she dresses all her family in warm clothes.
22 She makes bed coverings for herself. She wears expensive clothes made of purple fabric.
23 People respect her husband when he discusses matters with the elders at the city gate.
24 She makes clothes and sells them. She makes belts and delivers them to sell-men.
25 Her clothes are strength and honor. And she looks at her future with confidence.
26 She speaks the Law of God the Creator with wisdom and kindness.
27 She watches over her household. She is not lazy, and she does not eat food just because she is bored.
28 Children stand up, and they call her blessed, her husband also praises her.
29 He says, “There are many business women, but you are the best.”
30 A pretty face deceives, and beauty disappears. But a woman who fears the Lord deserves to be praised.
31 Reward her according to her works. And let her deeds make her famous at the city gate.



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