First Letter to the Corinthians

First Letter to the Corinthians

Chapter 1

1 I am Paul, and I received a calling by the will of God. And God made me an apostle of Jesus Christ. Brother Sosthenes is with me.
2 And together with him we greet the church of God in Corinth.
God made you holy because you belong to Jesus Christ. God gave you a calling, and you became His holy people. He did this for all who call on the name of Jesus in different places and who accept Him as the Lord. Christ is the Lord for us and for all who believe in Him.
3 Receive grace and peace from our God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.
4 You belong to Jesus Christ, and God gave you His grace. So I always thank my God for you.
5 Because of Christ, God made you rich with all the gifts. He gave you all the knowledge and the ability to speak well.
6 When you heard of Christ, His Word grew deep roots in your hearts.
7 That is why you have no lack in spiritual gifts. And with great hope you eagerly wait for the day when our Lord Jesus Christ will come back.
8 The Lord will keep making you strong till the very end. The time will come when our Lord Jesus Christ will return to earth. At that day you will stand before Him, and He will not find you guilty of sin.
9 God will do this because He is faithful to His promises. He called you to Himself. And now you have fellowship with His Son Jesus Christ who became our Lord.
10 Brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I ask you to live in unity and do not quarrel with one another because quarrels bring divisions. Learn how to understand one another, and how to set common goals.
11 Brothers, the Chloe’s family told me that you are arguing with one another.
12 They informed me that some of you say, “I am a disciple of Paul.” Another one says, “I am a disciple of Apollos.” And the third one argues, “I am a disciple of Peter.” And someone else adds, “I am a disciple of Christ.”
13 But Christ unites us, not divides. You say that you are disciples of Paul. But did Paul die on the cross for your sins? Did you receive water baptism in the name of Paul? Of course not.
14 I thank God that in your church I baptized only Crispus and Gaius.
15 And let no one say that I baptized in my name.
16 I also baptized the Stephanas’ family. And I don’t remember baptizing anyone else.
17 Christ sent me not to baptize people, but to spread the Good News. But I do not preach about the crucified Christ from human point of view. Otherwise, my message would lose its power.
18 The one who is going to eternal destruction thinks that the message about the cross is foolish. But we are going to salvation. We believe in the crucified Christ, and we can see the power of God.
19 God says in the Scriptures, “I will turn human wisdom into nothing. I will reject the point of view of wise people.”
20 The world cannot understand the message about the crucified Christ. Educated people, scientists and philosophers debate about the cross from human point of view which God calls insane.
21 The world debates about God from the point of view of human wisdom. But still people cannot understand who God is. That is why God showed His wisdom. He decided to save those who believe in the message about the crucified Christ. But such a message sounds foolish to the people of this world.
22 When the Jews listen to the message about the cross, they demand that we would confirm it with supernatural manifestations. But for the Gentiles our message makes no sense because they see nothing wise in it.
23 When we preach that Christ was crucified on the cross, it offends the Jews. And for the Gentiles our message sounds foolish.
24 God called us to Himself, and there are both Jews and Gentiles among us. The crucified Christ became God’s power and God’s wisdom for us.
25 Unbelievers think that the death of Christ is the foolish plan of God. I will say to such people that the foolishness of God is greater than human wisdom. The world says that when Christ died on the cross, God showed His weakness. And I will say to these people that the weakness of God is greater than human power.
26 Brothers, it was God who called you. But think of who you are. From human point of view there are few educated and few influential people among you. There are few who have high social position among you.
27 The people of this world say that you are foolish and weak. And they consider themselves wise and strong. But God chose you to make this world realize that it is foolish and weak before God.
28 You do not have high social position in the society that is why the world despises you. In the eyes of the world you are of no value. But God chose you so that the people of this world would understand that they have nothing to be proud of.
29 And when we stand before God then no person will be able to praise himself before Him.
30 God united us with Jesus Christ who became God’s wisdom for us. Christ became our righteousness, our sanctification, and our redemption.
31 That is why the Scriptures say, “Do not praise yourselves. Praise the Lord for His works.”

Chapter 2

1 Brothers, when I visited you, I preached to you about God. But I did not try to impress you with my beautiful words. And I did not speak of God from human point of view.
2 I decided to preach to you only about Jesus Christ who was crucified. And I did not want to speak about anything else.
3 When I was with you, I could feel my weakness, and I understood that I needed the power of God. I felt great fear and trembling in the presence of God.
4 When I preached about the crucified Christ, my words did not sound convincing from human point of view. But the Holy Spirit demonstrated His power.
5 I wanted you to experience the power of God which could make your faith strong. But if someone speaks of the crucified Christ from human point of view then his faith will not stand on a firm foundation.
6 When we are among spiritually mature believers, we preach about wisdom. But this wisdom has nothing to do with the wisdom of this world. You should know that the wisdom that the rulers of this world live by will come to end.
7 Even before the creation of the world God determined in advance that He would reveal His secret wisdom to us, so that we could enter into His glory. And now we openly speak of this wisdom of God.
8 The rulers of this world did not understand the wisdom of God. And if they understood it, they would not crucify our glorious Lord.
9 The Scriptures say, “No one saw, no one heard, and no one could imagine in his heart what God prepared for those people who love Him.”
10 But the Spirit of God revealed to us the plans of God. This Spirit penetrates everywhere and shows us the depths of God’s revelations.
11 No one knows what a person thinks of. But the spirit of a person knows the thoughts of a person. The same way no one knows what God thinks of. But the Spirit of God knows the thoughts of God.
12 God gave us His Spirit which has nothing to do with the spirit of this world. The Spirit of God lives within us so that we could know what God gave us as a present.
13 Human wisdom cannot teach us spiritual things. That is why we do not speak of spiritual things from human point of view. The Holy Spirit teaches us. And we speak of spiritual things from the spiritual point of view.
14 Soulish person relies on his mind. He does not accept what comes from the Spirit of God, and he considers it foolish. Soulish person thinks of the spiritual things from human point of view. That is why he is not able to understand the spiritual things.
15 A spiritual person evaluates everything from spiritual point of view. But a soulish person relies on his mind, and he cannot evaluate a spiritual person correctly.
16 Who can understand the thoughts of the Lord? Who can teach Him? The Spirit of God gave us the ability to think like Christ that is why we have the mind of Christ.

Chapter 3

1 Brothers, I could not speak to you like spiritual people because you still submit to your old sinful nature. That is why I spoke to you as to babies who should grow spiritually in Christ.
2 When I taught you, my teaching was like milk. I did it because you could not eat solid food. And still you are not able to understand what spiritually mature believers understand.
3 You still submit to your old sinful nature. You are jealous, and you quarrel with one another. You make divisions among you. Your actions show that you submit to your old sinful nature. You behave like people of this world.
4 One says, “I am a disciple of Paul.” And another one states, “I am a disciple of Apollos.” You are hostile to one another and you act the way your sinful nature desires.
5 And who is Paul? And who is Apollos? We are servants of God. And God used us so that you could believe in Christ. Each of us did the work which the Lord entrusted us.
6 I planted the seeds of the Word of God in your hearts, and Apollos watered them. But it was God who grew the seeds up.
7 So it is not important who plants the seeds. It is not important who waters them. But it is important that it is God who grows the seeds.
8 We set a common goal before us when we plant and water the seeds. But everyone will receive the reward which he deserves.
9 I and Apollos work together for God in the same field. And it was you who became that field of God. You also became the building which we build together for the Lord.
10 God gave me His grace. And as an experienced builder I laid the foundation, and another one is now building on it. But every builder must do his job well.
11 Jesus Christ is the foundation of God’s building. And no one can lay any other foundation.
12 But on this foundation different builders build using different materials. Some use gold, silver and precious stones. And others use wood, hay and straw.
13 But the day will come when God tests with fire the work of each builder. The fire will show how well each person did his job.
14 If the work of the person does not burn in the fire then such a builder will receive his reward.
15 And if the work of the person burns down then he will lose what he built. But the builder will be saved the same way people are saved from fire.
16 Don’t you know that you became the temple of God, and the Spirit of God lives inside of you?
17 God sanctified His temple. And it was you who became this temple. If someone destroys God’s temple then God will destroy the life of such a person.
18 The people of this world will never understand what the wisdom of God is. That is why if the world recognizes that you have wisdom then you do not have the wisdom of God. And you deceive yourself. But if the people of this world consider you fools it means that God filled you with His wisdom through the crucified Christ.
19 Human wisdom is foolishness in the eyes of God. The Scriptures say, “The people of this world call themselves wise. But God will show that people deceive themselves with their wisdom and fall into their own traps.”
20 The Scriptures also say, “The Lord knows what the wise people of this world think of. The Lord knows that their wisdom will not do them any good.”
21 Do not exalt any person who influences your life because it is God who acts through all these people.
22 God works in your life through Paul, Apollos, and Peter. He uses for your benefit everything what happens with you in this world. God has authority over your life and death, your present and future.
23 Remember, you belong to Christ. And Christ belongs to God.

Chapter 4

1 You must think of us as the servants of Christ. God opened His secrets to us and entrusted us to tell people about them.
2 We manage the work in the house of God, and we must do it faithfully.
3 I know that you and other people evaluate me from human point of view. But it does not matter much for me. And even I do not evaluate myself from human point of view.
4 My conscience is clear, but it does not mean that I am right. Only the Lord can correctly evaluate my life.
5 So until a certain time you cannot make right conclusions about the ministry of other people. But when the Lord comes, He will shine His light on what everyone hid in the darkness. The Lord will show what kind of secret thoughts filled the heart of a person. And then everyone will receive from God praise which he deserves.
6 Brothers, I gave you an example of myself and Apollos. And I did it for your benefit to teach you. Think of us the way I wrote you, and don’t add anything to this. Do not puff with pride in front of one another.
7 Are you better than another person? It was God who gave you all what you have. But you boast and say that you achieved everything by yourself.
8 You satisfied your needs beyond measure. You became rich, and you began to reign without us. I would like you to really reign. Then we would also reign with you.
9 But I tell you that God made us apostles, and we are ready to go to the very end and die for Christ. We became a show to the whole world, to angels and to people.
10 We serve Christ so faithfully that the world considers us fools. But you want to believe in Christ and look wise in the eyes of this world. We rely on God and realize that we are weak. But you say that you are strong. You want the world to respect you. But the world despises us.
11 Until now we go hungry and thirsty. We are poorly dressed, people beat us, and we have no place to live.
12 We work hard with our hands. When people abuse us, we bless them. When people persecute us, we patiently endure persecution.
13 When people curse us, we pray hard for them. But despite all of this, the world treats us like garbage and waste.
14 I love you as my children. And I do not want my words to make an unpleasant impression on you. But I am writing you so that you would change.
15 You may have thousands of teachers who teach you about Christ. But you cannot have many fathers. I preached the Good News to you. And I became your father in Christ Jesus.
16 I act the same way as Christ did. That is why I beg you to take an example from me.
17 I sent Timothy to you. He serves the Lord faithfully, and I love him like my son. Timothy will remind you of the way how I follow Christ. He will tell you what I teach in every church.
18 But some of you became proud. They think that I will not come to you anymore.
19 If the Lord allows me, I will visit you soon. And I will find out whether the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit works in their lives or not. Beautiful words of the proud people will not impress me.
20 We must show people the power of the Kingdom of God, and not the beauty of our words.
21 Tell me, what should I do with you? I can come to discipline you and correct you. But I can also come in the spirit of love and kindness.

Chapter 5

1 I received a report about things happening in your church. There is a man among you who lives an immoral lifestyle. He acts so immorally that even the Gentiles do not act the way he acts. One of you sleeps with his stepmother.
2 You must cry over what this person is doing. But instead, you are proud of yourself. Do not allow him to come to your meetings and do not communicate with him.
3 Physically I am far from you, but spiritually I am with you. And I already decided what to do with this person who lives an immoral lifestyle.
4 When you gather together then spiritually I will be with you. And the power of our Lord Jesus Christ will also be among you.
5 And then in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ give this immoral man into the power of Satan so that Satan could destroy his body. And if this person repents then God will save his spirit on the day when our Lord Jesus Christ returns to the earth.
6 You have nothing to be proud of. Don’t you know that small amount of yeast ferments the whole dough?
7 You must be like fresh dough without yeast. Remove your sin the same way as the Jews remove the old yeast before the Passover. And as on the day of Passover a lamb became a sacrifice, the same way Christ became the sacrifice for our sins.
8 The old yeast symbolizes sin and evil. And bread without yeast symbolizes purity and truth. We must not live in sin, we must live a holy life.
9 I already wrote you earlier that you must have nothing to do with sexually immoral people.
10 But I did not mean unbelievers. People of this world live an immoral lifestyle. They are greedy, commit fraud and worship idols. And as long as you live in this world, you have to deal with unbelievers.
11 But I wrote you that you would not communicate with anyone who calls himself a brother in Christ, but lives an immoral lifestyle. Such a person pretends to be a believer, but he is greedy and worships idols. He insults others with swear words, gets drunk and commits fraud. You must not communicate with such a person and do not eat at the same table.
12 You must judge about the actions of those people who became part of the church. But it is not my responsibly to judge unbelievers.
13 It is God who judges unbelievers. Remove from your fellowship an immoral person who calls himself a brother in Christ.

Chapter 6

1 I know that there are some legal issues among the members of your church. And you go to the court to unbelievers, then you sue one another there. How do you dare behave like this? Why don’t you seek resolution from believers?
2 Don’t you know that the holy people of God will judge the world? And if it is so, don’t you have some knowledgeable people among you who are capable to resolve ordinary issues of this life?
3 Don’t you know that we will judge the angels? And I tell you that we can definitely resolve ordinary issues by ourselves.
4 But you bring your ordinary cases to court and go to ungodly judges. They live a sinful lifestyle which is disgusting to the believers in the church.
5 I am saying this to shame you. Don’t you have a single understanding person among you who can resolve a dispute between brothers?
6 But instead, one believer sues another believer. And all of this is happening in front of unbelievers.
7 You have lawsuits with one another, and you defeat yourselves by doing this. You should understand that it is better to endure patiently when somebody offends you and deceives you.
8 But instead, you yourselves offend and deceive others. And you do this even with your brothers in Christ.
9 Do not deceive yourselves. Don’t you know that the unrighteous will not receive God’s inheritance and will not enter into the Kingdom of God? This is what such people do. They live an immoral lifestyle and worship idols. They are unfaithful to their spouse. Men sleep with other men for money and engage in homosexuality.
10 Such people steal, extort bribes, and get drunk. They insult others with swear words and commit fraud. Remember that the unrighteous will not receive God’s inheritance and will not enter the Kingdom of God.
11 Some of you lived such a lifestyle. But now God washed you from your sin. He sanctified you and gave you His righteousness. God did it in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and by His Spirit.
12 You say, “I can do whatever I wish.” But our actions can harm us. You say, “I have the right to do what I want.” But we can lose our freedom because of our actions.
13 You say, “God created human body with various needs which we must satisfy. So we eat to nourish our bodies.” It is true, but one day God will destroy both the body and the food. You should not justify an immoral lifestyle. Do not say that a person has sexual need that he must also satisfy, that is why he can sleep with anyone. The Lord created our bodies for Himself, and not for immorality. And God wants our bodies to glorify the Lord.
14 And as God raised the Lord Jesus from the dead the same way He will also raise our bodies by His power.
15 Don’t you know that the Church is the Body of Christ, and we are members of His Body? That is why we have no right to take what belongs to Christ and give it to a woman who is engaged in prostitution. Of course, we must not do this!
16 Don’t you know that if a man sleeps with an immoral woman then he becomes one with her? And the Scriptures say, “When two people unite in a physical body, they become one.”
17 And he who unites with the Lord becomes one with the Spirit of the Lord.
18 Refuse immoral lifestyle. Other sins which a person commits, do not unite him with the body of another person. He who commits sexual sins destroys his own body.
19 Don’t you know that your bodies became the temple of the Holy Spirit who lives inside of you? God gave you His Spirit, that is why you do not belong to yourselves.
20 Christ paid a high price for you. Now your spirit and your body belong to Him. That is why your bodies should glorify God.

Chapter 7

1 You wrote to me that it is better for a man not to marry and not to have intimate relationship with a woman.
2 But such a man is in danger of starting living an immoral lifestyle. That is why every man must have a wife, and every woman must have a husband.
3 The husband must satisfy the sexual needs of his wife. And the wife must satisfy the sexual needs of her husband.
4 The wife should not deny her husband to have intimate relationship with her because her body belongs to her husband. The husband also should not deny his wife to have intimate relationship with him because his body belongs to his wife.
5 Do not avoid intimacy with each other. But if you want to devote yourself to fasting and prayer then during this time you can avoid sexual relations by mutual agreement. But after that you must be together again. Otherwise, you may lose control over yourself, and it will make you fall into the trap of Satan.
6 I am writing to you that you can avoid sexual relations during fasting. But this is my advice, and I do not require you to do so.
7 I would like all people to take an example from me. But God prepared for each person His plan regarding marriage. That is why some people marry, while others do not.
8 I want to give an advice to the unmarried and to the widows. Now it is not the best time to start a family. That is why you should not marry and live without a family like me.
9 But if you cannot control yourself, you must marry. It is better to marry than to burn with sexual desires.
10 These are the requirements which married people must keep. And it is the Lord who gives these requirements, and not me. The wife should not divorce her husband.
11 If she leaves her husband, she must not marry another man. And if the woman does not want to live alone, she must make peace with her husband. And the husband also must not divorce his wife.
12 And this is what I will say to those who is married to an unbeliever. And it is not the requirement of the Lord, but my advice. If a believing husband has unbelieving wife, and she agrees to live with him, he must not divorce her.
13 And if a believing wife has unbelieving husband, and he agrees to live with her, she must not divorce him.
14 The believing wife brings holiness to her marriage and spiritually influences her unbelieving husband. The believing husband also brings holiness to his marriage and spiritually influences his unbelieving wife. And you also bring holiness to the lives of your children to save them from sin.
15 If an unbeliever wants to divorce, let him divorce. In this case, the believing husband or the believing wife is no longer bound in marriage to the unbeliever. The Lord wants us to live in peace.
16 Wife, don’t you understand that you can bring your unbelieving husband to salvation? And you, husband, don’t you understand that you can bring your unbelieving wife to salvation?
17 God has a plan for each of us. And every person must do what the Lord wants. All churches must follow what I teach.
18 If a Jew came to Christ, he should not hide that he did circumcision. And if the Gentile came to Christ, he should not do circumcision.
19 Now it does not matter who was circumcised, and who was not circumcised. But what really matters is that we must keep the commandments of God.
20 When we came to Christ, each of us had different circumstances. And these circumstances will be in our lives until God changes them.
21 If you were a slave when you came to God, do not think of yourself that you are worse than other believers. But if you get an opportunity to become free, take advantage of this.
22 A slave who came to the Lord should think of himself that now he became free in the Lord. And a free person who came to Christ should think of himself that now he became the slave of Christ.
23 Christ paid a high price for you. So do not become slaves of people.
24 Brothers, when you came to God, each of you had different circumstances. And these circumstances will be in your life until God changes them.
25 I have no requirements from the Lord for unmarried girls. But I want to give an advice because I received mercy from the Lord, and I serve Him faithfully.
26 Now we are going through difficult trials. That is why I think it is better for a person not to change his marital status.
27 If you are already married, do not divorce. And if you are left without your wife, do not look for another one.
28 But if you marry, you will not sin. And if a girl gets married, she will not sin also. Now we face difficult time. That is why married people will face sufferings in this life. And I have pity on you.
29 Brothers, I tell you that we don’t have much time left. That is why a married man should not devote all his time only to his wife.
30 And he who cries should not be completely overwhelmed by his sorrow. And joy should not completely capture those who rejoice. And when you buy things, you should not be attached to them.
31 You use the things of this world. But you should not be attached to anything because this world will soon disappear.
32 I want you to be free from everyday worries. Unmarried man wants to fulfill the plans of the Lord.
33 And married man has a lot of daily responsibilities. He should pay attention to the plans of his wife. And at the same time, he must make efforts to fulfill God’s plans.
34 Unmarried girl or woman who is left without her husband wants to fulfill only the plans of the Lord. So she sanctifies her body and her spirit. But a married woman has a lot of daily responsibilities. And she should pay attention to the plans of her husband.
35 I am not trying to limit you. But I speak this for your benefit so that nothing would distract you from your ministry. And then you will serve the Lord in a better way and with more dedication.
36 Perhaps some of you gave a promise to marry your bride. And you delayed the wedding because of the trials we go through. But now you think that it is not good if your bride becomes older and does not get married. In this case, there is nothing wrong if you get married now.
37 But perhaps some of you decided firmly in your heart that he would not marry. Such a person feels that he does not need to marry because he can control himself. In this case, it is the right thing to do because now it is not the best time to start a family.
38 So he who marries does the right thing. And he who does not marry does even better.
39 When a woman marries, the Law of God binds her to her husband in marriage. But if her husband dies, the woman has the right to marry any man she likes. But he must believe in the Lord.
40 God gave me His Spirit that is why I want to give you an advice. I believe that it would be better for a woman if she does not marry while we go through the trials.

Chapter 8

1 Now let’s talk about the food which the Gentiles bring to idols. We all have some knowledge on this subject. But knowledge makes us proud, and love makes us strong.
2 Perhaps some of you put knowledge on the first place. But no one can get so much knowledge to understand everything perfectly.
3 But if a person puts the love for God on the first place, he brings joy to God. And to such a person God gives His knowledge how to do the right things.
4 So let’s talk about the food which the Gentiles dedicate to idols. People of this world worship idols. But we know that idol is not God. We also know that there is only one God and there is no other God besides Him.
5 But the Gentiles believe that different gods rule heaven and earth. So they worship many gods and recognize their authority over themselves.
6 But we believe in one God the Father who created everything. And we live for God. We believe in one and only Lord Jesus Christ through whom God created the whole world. And we live because of Christ.
7 But not all of you realize that there is only one God. There are some people among you who still believe in idols. Their conscience cannot distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Such people have weak faith in God. That is why they believe that it is allowed to eat the food which is offered to idols, and it defiles their conscience.
8 We know that food cannot bring us closer to God. And food cannot make us neither better nor worse.
9 That is why some of you say that it is allowed to eat the food which the Gentiles offered to idols. But such people should think about the result of their actions. They will provoke to sin those people whose faith is weak.
10 You understand that idol is not God. But suppose, you will have food in an idol temple, and a person whose faith is weaker than yours will see you there. Think what kind of example would you show to him? Such a person will start eating the food offered to the idols and worship them because of you.
11 Do you think that you can eat the food which the Gentiles offered to idols? But if your brother in Christ has weak faith then you will ruin your brother for whom Christ died.
12 You sin against brothers whose faith is weak. Their conscience cannot distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. You destroy their faith, and this way you sin against Christ.
13 What should I do if what I eat provokes my brother to sin? In this case, I will never eat again the food offered to the idols so that I would not ruin the faith of my brother.

Chapter 9

1 God made me an apostle, and I have right to act with authority. I saw our Lord Jesus Christ, and you came to Him as a result of my ministry.
2 Perhaps, others do not consider me an apostle. But for you I became an apostle because you came to God through my ministry. Now you belong to the Lord, and you are the proof that I am an apostle of Jesus Christ.
3 This way I protect my ministry from those who criticize me.
4 We work for the Lord. Can’t you give us some food and drink to thank us for our ministry?
5 Peter, the other apostles and the Lord’s brothers travel with their believing wives. Don’t we have the same right to take our believing wives with us?
6 Don’t we have the right to use donations for our expense? But I and Barnabas refused to use this right, and we work and support ourselves.
7 Tell me, does a soldier pay for his expenses when he serves in the army? And doesn’t a person eat the grapes of the vineyard which he planted? And doesn’t a shepherd drink the milk which his flock produces?
8 I give you some examples from everyday life, and the Law says the same thing.
9 God said through Moses, “When an ox works on the field, he eats the harvest. But you should not close his mouth.” Tell me, does God care only about oxen?
10 Doesn’t God mean us when He talks about it? Of course, Moses wrote it for us. The one who plows and the one who harvests do their job. And each of them is fully confident that part of the crop will belong to him.
11 We have planted spiritual blessings in your life which are far more valuable than material things. And we have the right to collect the harvest of the material blessings from you.
12 Other ministers receive material support from you. We have much greater right to ask for your support. But we do not use this right. And despite the fact that we face material difficulties, we do not stop and continue to spread the Good News about Christ.
13 Don’t you know that the priests receive the food which people bring to the temple and offer to God? Don’t you know that the ministers who serve at the altar take for themselves part of what people offer to the Lord?
14 And this is the order which the Lord gave us. He who preaches the Good News about Christ has the right to receive the material support from those whom he ministers.
15 But I did not use this right. And now I am not writing this so that you would start supporting me financially. I decided that I would rather die than live at the expense of those to whom I preach. And it brings me joy that I can provide for myself.
16 I am preaching the Good News about Christ, but I do not expect to receive material support for this. This is my duty which I must fulfill. And if I stop preaching the Good News about Christ then woe will come upon me.
17 Suppose, I decided to become a preacher to earn my living. In this case, I would expect payment for my work. But I didn’t have such an idea. I preach because God entrusted me with His ministry which I must fulfill.
18 When I preach the Good News about Christ to you, I have every right to receive material support from you. But I do not use this right. I minister to you and do not expect any material support from you. And God will give me a reward for that.
19 No one limits my freedom. But I sacrificed my freedom for the sake of others so that I would win more people for Christ.
20 That is why to the Jews I preach about Christ from the point of view of a Jew. I do this so that the Jews would come to Christ. I use the Law of Moses when I talk about Christ to those who live according to this Law so that they could also come to Christ.
21 Gentiles do not know what the Law of Moses is. That is why when I preach to them, I do not use the Law and do not live according to it. But I obey Christ and do not violate the Law of God. I do it to bring the Gentiles to God.
22 When I preach about Christ to those who go through sufferings, I put myself in the place of the weak person to bring him to God. I find a common ground with all people to save at least some of them.
23 I act like this to spread the Good News about Christ. And this way, I take part in the work of God.
24 You know that many athletes take part in a running competition. But only one of them will receive a reward. So you must run to win.
25 All competitors train and discipline themselves in everything. They do it to receive a crown that will not last. But we discipline ourselves to receive the eternal reward which God will give to us.
26 I act like an athlete who has a goal. I want to reach the finish line. I act like a boxer who thinks about every strike. I don’t beat the air.
27 I preach to others. But I also have to discipline and fully control my body. Otherwise, I will not reach the finish line and will not receive my reward.

Chapter 10

1 Brothers, I want you to remember how Moses brought our Jewish people out of Egypt into the wilderness. The Egyptians were chasing the people of God. But the Lord stood in the cloud between the Egyptians and the Jews, and protected His people. The sea divided, and the Israelites went through the sea on the ground to the other side, but the Egyptians drowned.
2 The people of God followed Moses. And all of them were baptized in the name of Moses in the cloud and in the sea.
3 All the people ate the same spiritual food.
4 All the people drank from the same spiritual source which flowed from the spiritual Rock. This Rock was Christ. And Christ accompanied His people in the wilderness.
5 But not all Israelites brought joy to God. They sinned so they died in the wilderness.
6 People wanted to do evil, and their evil desires destroyed them. Let it be an example for us and keep us from the desire to do evil.
7 Also do not worship idols, as some of the Israelites did. The Scriptures say about them, “The people sat in front of the golden calf, and started eating and drinking. And then they started jumping around the idol like crazy.”
8 Do not take part in sexual immorality, as some of the Israelites did. The people sinned, and 23,000 people died in one day.
9 God led His people through the wilderness. But some of them doubted the plan of God. They spoke against God and tested the patience of Christ with their sins. That is why the snakes bit them, and people died because of this. But we must not doubt the plans of the Lord. Let’s not test to what extent the Lord will tolerate our sinful behavior.
10 Some of the Israelites died because they grumbled and complained. It was the reason why they were destroyed. But we must not complain and grumble.
11 We live in the last time. And the prophets wrote for us everything what happened with the people of Israel. It should become an example so that we would not sin like them.
12 You think you are standing firm on your feet. But you must be careful and avoid sinning. Otherwise, you will fall down.
13 Sinful thoughts provoke you to sinful actions, and each person goes through this kind of situation. But you should know that God is faithful to His Word, and He will never fail you. He will give you strength so that you would not follow your sinful desire. God will fill you with patience and help you overcome your sinful thoughts.
14 My dear brothers, do not worship idols. Stay far away from them.
15 You are intelligent people. And you can understand what I am speaking to you.
16 When we remember the death of Christ, we take communion. We thank God and drink from the blessed cup. In this way, Christ unites us by His Blood. We also break the bread and eat it. In this way, Christ unites us in His Body.
17 The Church is the Body of Christ which has many different parts. When we all eat one bread, we become one Body of Christ.
18 Think about the people of Israel. When people brought sacrifices to God, they ate them at the altar, and it united them with God.
19 We know that idol is not God. So the sacrifices which the Gentiles bring to idols have no sense.
20 But you must understand that when people offer sacrifices to idols, they offer them to demons, not to God. And I do not want you to communicate with evil spirits.
21 You cannot drink from the cup which belongs to the Lord and drink from the cup which belongs to demons. You cannot eat the bread which you dedicated to the Lord and eat the sacrificed food which the Gentiles dedicated to the evil spirits.
22 Do we dare to provoke the Lord to anger? Did we become stronger than He?
23 You say, “I can do whatever I wish.” But our actions can harm us. You say, “I have the right to do what I want.” But our actions can make our faith weaker.
24 We should not pursue our own interests. On the contrary, each of us must take care of one another.
25 When you go to the market, do not ask which of the products the Gentiles dedicated to the idols. Eat everything you buy in the market with a clear conscience.
26 The Scriptures say that the earth belongs to the Lord. And everything what exists on the earth also belongs to Him.
27 Suppose, some unbeliever will invite you to visit his house, and you would like to go there. In this case you can eat whatever he offers you with a clear conscience. And do not ask if the food was dedicated to the idols.
28 Remember that the earth belongs to the Lord. And everything what exists on the earth also belongs to Him. But suppose, someone will tell you, “This food was offered to the idols.” In this case, refuse eating this food. You should not eat the sacrificed food for the sake of the person who told you about it. And also you should not eat the sacrificed food for the sake of another believer whose faith in God is weak. The conscience of this person still can not distinguish between what is good and what is bad. So such a person will start eating the food offered to the idols and will start worshipping idols because of you.
29 I know that everything belongs to the Lord, so my conscience does not condemn me. But I have to think about how my action will influence another person whose faith in God is weak. Some of you say, “The Lord gave me freedom. And no one can judge me and tell me how I should behave.”
30 And another one says, “I eat the food offered to the idols and thank God for it. How can you blame me for this?”
31 You should understand that all your actions should glorify God. When you eat or drink, it should also bring glory to Him.
32 That is why you should behave in such a way that you would not provoke to sin neither Jews, nor Gentiles, nor the Church which belongs to God.
33 I want people to receive salvation. That is why I make efforts and put the interests of others higher than my own. I do my best to take care of every person.

Chapter 11

1 Take an example from me as I take my example from Jesus Christ.
2 Brothers, I rejoice that you remember me and act the way I taught you.
3 I also want you to know that Christ is the head of each man. Husband is the head of his wife. And God is the head of Christ.
4 If a man prays or prophesies with his head covered like woman does, he dishonors himself and the Lord.
5 And if a woman prays or prophesies with her head shaved like a man’s head, she dishonors herself and her husband.
6 There are some women among you who do not want to cover their heads. But they look like men because they have short hair. A woman should not shave her hair or cut her hair like a man. She should be ashamed of this, and she should cover her head.
7 A man should not cover his head and look like a woman. God created man in His image so that man would glorify God. And the wife should take care of her husband’s reputation, and she should not disgrace him.
8 In the beginning God created man. And then God created woman from his rib.
9 God did not create man for woman. But He created woman for man.
10 That is why angels must see that woman recognizes the authority of her husband over herself. And if a woman looks like a man because she has short hair, she should cover her head in order to look womanlike.
11 We belong to the Lord and understand that men depend on women, and women depend on men.
12 The first woman came from the rib of man, but all the other men were born of women. And God created all of us.
13 There are some women among you who look like men because they have short hair. Think about it. Is it right when such a woman prays to God with her head uncovered?
14 If a man grows his hair and becomes womanlike then he acts against his nature and behaves unnaturally. And this way he dishonors himself.
15 But when a woman grows her hair, she emphasizes her femininity. And her long hair naturally covers her like a veil.
16 And if someone wants to argue about it then I will say, “Men and women must look different from each other. And we must follow this rule. Such an order should operate in all churches which belong to God.”
17 I cannot praise you for some other things which also happen among you. When you get together, it brings you more harm than good.
18 I heard what happens during your meetings. First, when you come to church, you have some divisions among you. And to some extent, I admit that it could happen.
19 You may have some different points of view so that you could see which of you have right position which God approves.
20 Second, when you get together, you take communion. But you do it in such a way that it has nothing to do with communion.
21 You do not share with one another. You are greedy to eat the food you brought with you. That is why some of you remain hungry while others get drunk.
22 You should eat and drink at home. Do not dishonor the church of God and do not humiliate the poor. What should I tell you? Do you think that I will praise you for this? Of course not.
23 I passed to you what the Lord taught me. On the night when Judas betrayed the Lord Jesus, the Lord took the bread.
24 He thanked God, broke the bread into pieces, and said to His disciples, “Take the bread and eat it. The bread is My Body which will suffer for you. When you break this bread and eat it, you should remember Me.”
25 After the supper the Lord also took the cup and said, “Between God and people this cup establishes the New Agreement which I will seal with My Blood. When you drink from this cup, always remember Me.”
26 When you eat this bread and drink from this cup, each time you will proclaim the death of the Lord. Do it until the Lord returns to this earth again.
27 Some of you eat this bread and drink from the cup of the Lord, but do not take it seriously. Such people will be guilty of sinning against the Body and the Blood of the Lord.
28 A person must check his heart before he eats this bread and drinks from this cup.
29 If you eat and drink, but do not take it seriously then God will judge you for this. You must realize what the Body of Christ means.
30 You take communion in a wrong way. That is why many people are weak, sick and dying in your church.
31 We should think about our actions and correct ourselves. And then God will not judge us.
32 But if we do not do it then the Lord judges and disciplines us. But He does not judge us the way He will judge this world.
33 My brothers, when you gather for communion, wait for one another and take communion together.
34 And if you know that you will get hungry, eat at home before coming. Then God will not judge you for your wrong behavior during communion. When I come to you, I will also talk with you about some other things.

Chapter 12

1 Brothers, I want you to know about spiritual gifts.
2 You remember that you used to be Gentiles. And at that time mute idols misled you. You worshiped them as if someone directed you.
3 And this is what you should know. A person who speaks from the Spirit of God cannot say a curse on Jesus. And when someone accepts Jesus as Lord, it happens only because of the Holy Spirit.
4 Believers have different kinds of gifts. But it is the same Spirit who gives all these gifts to them.
5 We participate in different services, but we serve the same Lord.
6 The Lord acts in different ways. But it is the same God who does His work in all of us.
7 The Spirit manifests His presence in each of us, and it brings benefits to all of us.
8 To one believer the Spirit gives the word of wisdom. To another believer the same Spirit gives the word of knowledge.
9 Someone receives faith which comes from the same Spirit. And to some other person the same Spirit gives the gifts of healing.
10 Someone else receives the ability to perform miracles. To one believer the Spirit gives the gift of prophecy. And to another He gives the gift of distinguishing between spirits. And someone else receives supernatural ability to pray in different languages. And another believer receives the gift to interpret prayer in unknown languages.
11 It is the same Spirit who acts through all these spiritual gifts. And it is the same Spirit who decides how to distribute the gifts to each believer.
12 Human body has many parts, and all of them form one organism. It is the same with the Church. The Church is one Body of Christ which has many different parts. And all the parts of the Body of Christ must work together with one another in unity.
13 There are Jews and Gentiles, slaves and free people among us. But it is one Spirit who baptized all of us so that we would become one Body of Christ. And we all drink from the same Spirit.
14 Human body does not have one part, but many parts.
15 Suppose, the foot would say, “I am not able to do what the hand does that is why I am not a part of the body.” Feet and hands perform different functions, but they are parts of the same body.
16 Suppose, the ear would say, “I am not able to do what the eye does that is why I am not a part of the body.” Ears and eyes perform different functions, but they are parts of the same body.
17 If the whole body becomes an eye, how will we hear? And if the whole body becomes an ear, how will we smell?
18 The body has many parts. And God planned to place every part of the body in a certain place.
19 Suppose, all parts of the body would become the same. How can such a body function?
20 The body has many different parts, and all of them form one organism.
21 The eye cannot say, “Hand, I do not need you.” And the head also cannot say, “Feet, I do not need you.”
22 And it happens that we may think that our vital organs are not as significant as the other parts of our body.
23 And if we think that there is some kind of imperfection in our body, we care more about this part of our body.
24 And the other parts of our body do not need any special care. We hide our imperfections and those parts of our body that no one should see under our clothes. God created the body in such a way that we take special care of those parts of our body which really need it.
25 Parts of our body cannot be at war with one another. On the contrary, all parts of the body have mutual concern for one another.
26 That is why if any part of our body suffers, the other parts of the body will also suffer. And if we pay more attention to some part of our body then it benefits the whole body.
27 All together you are the Body of Christ. And each of you is a separate part in His Body.
28 First, God appointed the apostles in the Church. Second, He appointed the prophets. And third, God appointed the teachers. To some people He gave the ability to perform miracles. To others God gave the gifts of healings. To someone else He gave the ability to help others. There are also those among you to whom God gave the ability to lead. To others He gave supernatural ability to pray in different languages.
29 But did all of us become apostles, prophets, or teachers? Do all of us have supernatural abilities to perform miracles?
30 Did all of us receive the gifts of healings? Do all of us have supernatural ability to pray in tongues? Is everyone capable of interpreting prayer in unknown languages?
31 Make every effort to sincerely serve one another with such kinds of gifts which will bring most benefit to you. And I want to tell you about the most important thing so that you could walk the perfect way.

Chapter 13

1 If I pray in different kinds of languages ​​of people and angels, but I do it without love then I am acting like an annoying bell or a noisy musical plate.
2 Suppose, I know everything because I have the gift of prophecy which opens all the secrets to me. Suppose, I can move mountains because I have all the faith. But if I treat people without love then I am a useless person.
3 I can give away everything I have. I can die in the fire like a martyr. But if I sacrifice myself without love, this sacrifice is useless.
4 He who loves shows great patience and treats people with kindness. He who loves does not envy others, does not praise himself, and is not proud of himself.
5 He who loves does not insult others and does not put his own interests higher than the interests of other people. He who loves is not getting irritated and does not think of how to do evil.
6 He who loves feels unhappy when injustice wins. He who loves rejoices when the truth triumphs.
7 He who loves forgives everything and never loses faith. He who loves has hope always and goes through all difficulties with patience.
8 The time will come when people will stop prophesying, praying in tongues, and they will not need any knowledge. But we will never stop loving.
9 Now we do not have full knowledge. And when we prophesy, we do not see all the details.
10 But when the perfect time comes then all what is temporary will stop existing.
11 In my childhood I spoke, thought and reasoned like a child. But when I became a man, I stopped acting like a child.
12 Now we can see the future like an unclear image which resembles a reflection in a dim mirror. But the time will come and then we will see everything as clearly as we can see each other in person. Now I do not have full knowledge. But the time will come, and I will know God as well as He knows me.
13 Now we must believe, have hope and love. But most of all, we must make every effort to treat one another with love.

Chapter 14

1 Make every effort to love one another. You should have strong desire to receive spiritual gifts. And most of all you should desire to prophesy.
2 He who prays in unknown language does not speak to people, but to God. When a person prays in the Spirit, he speaks mysteries which no one can understand.
3 But he who prophesies, speaks to people. Prophecy makes people strong. It inspires and brings peace to their hearts.
4 He who prays in unknown language, makes himself strong. But he who prophesies, makes the whole church strong.
5 I want all of you to pray in unknown languages. But even more I want you to prophesy. He who prophesies brings more benefit to the church than he who prays in tongues. But prayer in unknown languages ​​can also make the church stronger. For this to happen, the one who prays in tongues, must himself interpret his prayer to the church.
6 Brothers, if I come to you and start praying in unknown languages, it will not bring you any benefit. But if I share with you some revelation, knowledge, prophecy or sermon, it will be useful to you.
7 Look at lifeless objects — the flute and the harp. If they play out of tune, no one will recognize the melody.
8 And if the trump sounds an unclear signal, the soldiers will not get ready for the battle.
9 The same thing applies to you. When you pray in unknown languages, no one can understand what you say. You shake the air with your words in vain.
10 There are many words in different languages in the world, and each word has its meaning.
11 But if I do not understand the language of another person, and he does not understand me, then we are foreigners to each other.
12 You have strong desire that spiritual gifts would work through you. But you must make every effort to have an abundance of such gifts which would make your church strong.
13 That is why if someone speaks in unknown language, he must pray to receive the gift of interpretation of tongues.
14 When I speak in unknown language, only my spirit prays. But my mind does not understand what I am talking about.
15 So how should I pray? I will pray in the Spirit in unknown language. And also I will pray with my mind and speak words which I understand. I will sing in the Spirit in unknown language. And also I will sing with my mind in a language which I understand.
16 When you pray in unknown language, you thank God and bless Him in the Spirit. But suppose, there is a person next to you who does not understand what spiritual gifts mean. He will not be able to understand your prayer, and he will not say,“Amen.”
17 When you pray in tongues, you thank God well. But such a prayer cannot make another person strong.
18 I thank my God because I pray in unknown languages ​​more than all of you.
19 But when I come to church, I want other people to learn something. That is why in church I would better say five understandable words than a lot of words in an unknown language.
20 Brothers, you should not do evil. Be innocent like children. But regarding spiritual gifts you must be like adults, not like children.
21 The Lord said in the Scriptures, “I will speak to this nation through people who speak in unknown languages. And this nation will not believe in Me.”
22 Tongues ​​are supernatural manifestation. But this gift cannot change an unbeliever and make him a believer. But prophecy can influence an unbeliever and make him a believer.
23 Suppose, the whole church comes together, and everyone starts speaking in unknown languages. And at this time some unbelievers or such people who don’t understand what spiritual gifts are come to you. Won’t they say that you are crazy?
24 But suppose, everyone in the church prophesies. And at this time some unbelievers or such people who know nothing about spiritual gifts will come to you. Because of the prophecy they will feel that they are sinners. And they will think about the way they live.
25 Prophecy will reveal the secret thoughts of a person which he hides in his heart. And then the person will kneel before God and exclaim, “God is truly present among you.”
26 Brothers, this is what I want to tell you. When you get together, each of you can glorify God with a song. Some of you can preach, and another one can share a revelation. One person can pray in unknown language, and another one can interpret this language. And everything you do must strengthen your church.
27 Two or a maximum of three people can take turns praying in unknown language. And let someone else interpret what they said.
28 Perhaps there will be no person among you who can interpret prayer in unknown languages. In this case, do not pray in tongues loudly so that the whole church could hear you. But pray silently and speak in tongues not to the church, but to God.
29 Let two or three prophets speak the Word from the Lord. And let the rest of the people discuss what the prophets said.
30 Suppose, God will give a revelation to someone else in the church. In this case, the one who started speaking first must stop and give way to the next person.
31 You all can prophesy one after another. And this way, you all will learn from one another, and you all will receive inspiration.
32 Each prophet is able to control his prophetic gift.
33 God does not make chaos. On the contrary, He establishes order and peace. Such rules should apply in all churches where the holy people of God gather.
34 When women come to church, they should listen, and should not talk. They must not break order during church meetings. The Law of Moses also speaks about it.
35 If a woman has a question during a meeting, she should ask about it her husband at home. A woman should feel shame to interrupt others and to break order in the church.
36 You were not the first ones who started preaching the Word of God. And you were not the first ones who heard the Word of God.
37 There are those in your church who consider themselves to be prophets or spiritual people. In this case, they should understand that I am writing to you about the commandments which the Lord gave us.
38 And if someone does not accept the commandments of God then God will not accept such a person.
39 Brothers, make every effort to prophesy. And also do not forbid to pray in tongues.
40 But you must hold your meetings in a right way and not make chaos.

Chapter 15

1 Brothers, I preached to you the Good News about Christ. And I remind you that you accepted it, and now you firmly believe in it.
2 Through this News you received salvation. But you must believe the way I spoke and preached to you. And if you believe in something else, such kind of faith will not be able to save you.
3 First of all, I taught you the most important things which I received from God. The Scriptures say that Christ died for our sins.
4 The Scriptures also say that Christ was laid in the tomb, but on the third day He was resurrected.
5 After that He appeared to Peter, and then to the twelve apostles.
6 Then Christ appeared also to the other brothers. At the same time over 5,000 people saw Him. Most of these people are still alive, and some have already died.
7 After that Christ appeared to James and also to all the apostles.
8 Finally, Christ also appeared to me. But I was not able to serve Christ just as miscarriage is not able to live.
9 I am the most insignificant of all the apostles. And I am not worthy to be called an apostle because I was persecuting the Church of God.
10 But God’s grace changed me and made me another person. It was not in vain that God poured out His grace into my life. I worked harder than all the other apostles. But, in fact, I cannot take credit for this, because it was God’s grace which worked through me, and was always with me.
11 It does not matter who told you about Christ — I or the other apostles. We all preach the same message which you believed in.
12 We taught you that Christ rose from the dead. But why do some of you say that the dead will not rise again?
13 If the dead do not rise then Christ did not rise either.
14 And if Christ did not rise then our preaching makes no sense, and your faith is also meaningless.
15 Suppose, God will not raise the dead. It means that God also did not resurrect Christ. In this case, if we preach that God raised Christ then we become false witnesses, because we are lying about God.
16 If the dead do not rise then Christ did not rise either.
17 And if Christ did not rise then your faith has no meaning. And you still live in your sins.
18 In this case, those people who believed in Christ and died would perish forever.
19 If we have hope in Christ in this life only then we are the most miserable among all people.
20 But Christ became the first who rose from the dead. We will die, but we will be resurrected the same way He was.
21 Death came into this world through a man. In the same way, resurrection from the dead came into this world through a Man.
22 Just as everyone dies because of Adam, the same way, in Christ everyone will live.
23 God raises all people in particular order. Christ became the first whom God raised from the dead. And when Christ comes to the earth, God will resurrect those who belong to Christ.
24 And after that the end will come. Christ will destroy every ruler, authority and power. And He will restore the Kingdom back to God the Father.
25 Christ will reign until He defeats all His enemies, and until they fall under His feet.
26 Death is the last enemy which Christ will destroy.
27 The Scriptures say that God put everything under the feet of Christ. But it is clear that God Himself does not obey Christ.
28 God gave authority to His Son. And when everything obeys Christ, the Son will give back His authority to God. Then God will reign everywhere and over everything.
29 When believers receive water baptism then some of them are persecuted and die for Christ. But new believers come and take their place. They know that people can also kill them after their baptism. But they believe that they will be resurrected.
30 Every hour we face danger. And we also believe that if we die, we will be resurrected.
31 Brothers, I assure you that every day I am facing mortal danger. But I am glad that you came to our Lord Jesus Christ.
32 When I was in the city of Ephesus, wild animals attacked me, and I was fighting them. But I was sure that if I die, I will be resurrected. If we look at this from human point of view and do not believe that the dead will rise then why should we follow Christ? Let’s eat and drink, because tomorrow we will die!
33 Do not fool yourselves — bad friends will corrupt a good person.
34 You must think about the way you live. Stop sinning. I am saying this to make you feel ashamed, because some of you do not know God.
35 Perhaps someone will ask, “How will people rise from the dead? And what will their bodies look like?”
36 Why can’t you understand such simple things? When we sow a seed, first it dies, and then it becomes alive.
37 We are not sowing the plant itself in the ground, but an ordinary grain. For example, we can sow wheat grain or some other grain.
38 God determined in advance the way the plant would look like. And different types of plants grow from different seeds.
39 Living creatures also look differently. The form of human body is different from the form of the body of animals, fish or birds.
40 There are also heavenly and earthly bodies. But the greatness of heavenly bodies is different from earthly ones.
41 The sun shines with one kind of light, and the moon and stars with another one. Stars also differ from one another in their magnificence.
42 If you look at the grain, you cannot understand the way a plant will look like. In the same way, I can say about the resurrection from the dead. People bury mortal body in the ground, but immortal body will be resurrected.
43 When a person dies, there is no greatness in his body. But when God resurrects a person, He will fill his body with His glory. When a person dies, his body becomes powerless. But when God resurrects a person, He will fill his body with His power.
44 The physical body of a person will die, but the spiritual body will be resurrected. There are physical and spiritual bodies.
45 The Scriptures say, “Adam was the first person who received physical life. And Christ became the last Adam who gives spiritual life.”
46 First physical body is born, then a spiritual one, but not the opposite.
47 The first man came from the earth, because God created him from the dust of the earth. And the second Man came from heaven.
48 Earthly people look like earthly Adam. And heavenly people look like Christ who came from heaven.
49 Now we look like Adam whom God created from the earth. But we will look like Christ who came from heaven.
50 Brothers, I am saying that now we live in physical body which has blood in it. But when we receive inheritance in the Kingdom of God then our earthly bodies cannot enter there because the mortal does not inherit the immortal.
51 I will tell you a secret. Some believers will see the coming of the Lord during their earthly life. And then the bodies of all the living and dead people will be transformed suddenly.
52 It will happen instantly when the last trumpet blows. And then the dead will rise to live forever. And those believers who will live on the earth at the time of the Lord’s coming will change.
53 Now our bodies are subject to death. But believers must receive bodies which will never die. Our mortal bodies must become immortal.
54 The time will come when the dead will be resurrected for eternal life, and they will receive immortal bodies instead of mortal ones. Then the word which the prophet wrote in the Scriptures will be fulfilled, “God won the victory which destroyed death.”
55 Death, you will never win again! Death, you will never strike with your sting again!
56 The Law of Moses shows that humanity is under the power of sin. People sin, that is why death strikes them with its sting.
57 But our Lord Jesus Christ conquered sin and death. And we thank God who gave us the victory of Christ.
58 My dear brothers, believe firmly and have no doubt. You must know that everything you do for the Lord will bring results. That is why you should always work for Him with full dedication.

Chapter 16

1 Now I would like to talk about how you should collect money for God’s holy people who live in Jerusalem. Follow the same order which I established in the churches of Galatia.
2 When I come to you, I do not want to collect money. That is why on the first day of the week, let each of you put aside and save as much money as his earnings allow.
3 When I come to you, I will write letters and send them with the people you choose. And they will deliver your financial aid to Jerusalem.
4 And if it is necessary, I will also go to Jerusalem. And then your people will go with me.
5 I am planning to travel through Macedonia. And after that I will visit you.
6 Perhaps I will stay with you for a while. And maybe I will spend the whole winter with you. And after that, I want you to help me go on my next trip.
7 I decided not to come to you now, because this visit would be very short. But if the Lord allows, I will come to you later. And I hope that I can spend some time with you.
8 I am writing you this letter from Ephesus where I will stay until the Festival of Pentecost.
9 Here God opened the door wide for me so that I could do a great job. But many people oppose me.
10 Perhaps Timothy will come to you. Be friendly with him so that he would not feel embarrassed. He works for the Lord the same way I do.
11 No one must be disrespectful to Timothy. So peacefully say goodbye to him and help him reach me. I am waiting for him to come to me with other believers.
12 Many times I asked brother Apollos to visit you together with the brothers. But he did not want to go to you now. He will come to you later when he has such an opportunity.
13 Do not lose your interest in spiritual things. Firmly follow what you believe in. Be courageous and strong.
14 Show love in everything you do.
15 You know that Stephen’s family was the first who turned to Christ in Achaia. They dedicated themselves to serve the holy people of God.
16 Brothers, I ask you to take an example from the people like them. Work together with those who fully commit themselves to serve the Lord.
17 I was so glad when Stephanas, Fortunatus and Achaicus came to visit me. We had such a great time together that I felt in such a way as though I visited you.
18 They strengthened me spiritually the same way they strengthened you. So you should respect such people.
19 The churches which located in the province of Asia, send you greetings. Aquila and Priscilla and all the church which gathers at their home, also send you warm greetings in the Lord.
20 All the brothers send you greetings. Greet each other with a holy kiss.
21 I, Paul, greet you and sign this letter with my own hand.
22 Remember, he who does not love the Lord Jesus Christ, falls under the curse. Come, our Lord!
23 Live in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
24 I love you all because you belong to Jesus Christ. Amen.



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