First Letter to the Thessalonians

First Letter to the Thessalonians

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Chapter 1

1 Paul, Silas and Timothy write to the Thessalonian church which belongs to God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Receive grace and peace from our God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
2 We always thank God for all of you. We remember you and pray for you.
3 We keep remembering what kind of works you did because of your faith. You serve God because you love Him. You show your patience. And it helps you to have hope in the Lord Jesus Christ who is in the presence of our God the Father.
4 Brothers, you know that God chose you, and He loves you.
5 We brought you the Good News about Christ, and it was not just words. We spoke with power and in the Holy Spirit. And it fully convinced you that we spoke the truth. You know that we showed you an example.
6 We lived like Jesus did. And you began to imitate us and the Lord. You suffered a lot, but you accepted the Word and rejoiced in the Holy Spirit.
7 So you became an example for all believers in Macedonia and Achaia.
8 The Word of God sounded out not only there. You also spread your faith in God in other places where we have never been before. So when we come to those places, we do not need to tell anything about ourselves there.
9 It is the opposite, those people tell us about how we once visited you, and after that you turned from idols to God. And now you serve the living and the true God.
10 God raised His Son from the dead. And now you are waiting for the Son of God to come from heaven. Soon God will be angry with people for their sins, but Jesus will save us from God’s anger.

Chapter 2

1 Brothers, you know that we did not visit you in vain.
2 But before we came to you people treated us cruelly in Philippi, and we suffered there. And you know that God gave us courage, and we preached to you the Good News about God in spite of great opposition.
3 We teach people and do not deceive them. We do not have wrong desires, and we do not trick people.
4 God made us worthy to serve Him. He trusted us to preach the Good News about Jesus. When we speak the Good News, we please God, not people. And God watches what is happening in our hearts.
5 You know that we never flattered you. And God can confirm that we did not try to take advantage of you.
6 We do not want you or anyone else to glorify us.
7 We are the apostles of Christ. We could exercise our authority over you, but we behaved quietly. We gently cared for you as a nursing mother would care for her children.
8 We loved you. And we wanted to give you our souls, and not just the Good News about God.
9 Brothers, do you remember how we preached the Good News about God to you? We worked and exhausted ourselves. We labored day and night, and we did not become a burden to any of you.
10 You are believers. And you can confirm that we behaved with you in a holy, just, and blameless manner. God also can confirm it.
11 You know that we treated each one of you the same way as a father would treat his children.
12 God called you to come to Him. You entered His Kingdom and saw His glory. That is why we asked you, convinced and insisted, “Live in such a way that you would meet the requirements which God gave us.”
13 We continuously thank God for you. When you heard the Word of God from us, you accepted it as if God spoke the Word, not a man. And for sure the Word of God is the truth. You believe in God’s Word, and the Word works in you.
14 The churches which are located in Judea belong to God. They believe in Jesus Christ, that is why the Jews began to persecute them. Brothers, the same thing happened to you just as to those churches. You also suffered from your own people.
15 The Jews killed the Lord Jesus and His prophets. They persecute us also. The Jews are hostile to all people, and they do not please God.
16 We speak to the Gentiles about salvation, but the Jews hinder us. This way they keep filling up the measure of their sins. But the end is coming near, and God will be angry with the Jews.
17 Brothers, for a short time we were separated from you. We would like to see you again very much because you remained in our hearts.
18 We wanted to come to you. I, Paul, tried to do this once and then second time, but Satan made obstacles for us.
19 But we hope that you keep serving God. And when our Lord Jesus Christ returns to the earth, we will see you and rejoice with you. Then God will praise us and give us a reward for our ministry to you.
20 We will rejoice because God will say that we worked well among you.

Chapter 3

1 We decided to stay in Athens because of the difficulties.
2 But we sent brother Timothy to you. He serves God, he works with us and spreads the Good News about Christ. Timothy will support you and make your faith strong.
3 If troubles came into your life, do not panic. You know that it was supposed to happen to us.
4 When we visited you, we predicted that we would suffer. And you know that it happened this way.
5 And I did not want to wait any longer so I sent Timothy to you. I wanted to know if you live by faith. I was afraid that the tempter would mislead you, and our work would not bring results.
6 But Timothy already returned, and he brought us good news. You continue to believe and love. You always speak kind words about us, and you want to see us as much as we want to see you.
7 Brothers, we go through sufferings and live in need. But you encouraged us the way you believe.
8 You keep following the Lord, and it fills us with life.
9 How can we give enough thanks to God for you?
Because of you, we experience great joy when we come into the presence of our God.
10 Day and night we pray earnestly for you. We want to see you and to add what your faith is lacking.
11 May God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ arrange our journey to you.
12 The Lord filled us with love that is why we love you. May He also fill you with love so that you would love one another and all people.
13 Love others, and it will make your hearts strong. God’s holiness will cleanse your hearts and make you blameless in the eyes of God. So you will stand in the presence of God the Father when the Lord Jesus Christ comes to earth with all the holy people of God. Amen.

Chapter 4

1 Brothers, we taught you how you should behave and please God. We ask and beg you in the name of Jesus Christ: more and more please God with your actions.
2 You know the commandments which we gave you from the Lord Jesus.
3 Submit to the will of God and cleanse yourself from sin. Do not take part in sexual immorality.
4 Each of you must control the desires of your body. Live holy and don’t indulge in sexual immorality.
5 Do not behave like the Gentiles. They do not know God, they satisfy their lust and destroy themselves with their sinful habits.
6 Do not take advantage of your brothers. Do not deceive one another for your own interest. We talked about it before and taught you that the Lord will bring punishment for such actions.
7 Do not follow your evil desires. God called us to live holy.
8 He who rejects it does not reject a man, but God who gave us His Holy Spirit.
9 I have no need to write about brotherly love because God teaches you to love one another.
10 And you love all the brothers throughout Macedonia. But we beg you: brothers, love one another more and more.
11 Put all your efforts to do what we taught you. Live quietly, do your work, labor with your hands.
12 And you will lack nothing. Also behave with unbelievers in a good manner.
13 Brothers, I want you to know what will happen to the believers who have already died. Do not grieve like other people who have no hope.
14 We believe that Jesus died and was resurrected. We also believe that when He returns to the earth, God will bring along with Him the believers who have already died.
15 We speak to you the Word of the Lord. In the beginning the coming of the Lord will see those believers who have already died. And then we who remained to live on the earth will see the Lord.
16 At that day the most high angel will lift up his voice, God’s trumpet will sound, and the Lord Himself will come down from heaven. In the beginning God will resurrect from the dead those people who believed in Christ.
17 After that we who remained to live on the earth will rise up in the clouds with the resurrected people. And we will meet the Lord in the air. This way we will be united with the Lord forever.
18 So comfort one another with these words.

Chapter 5

1 Brothers, I have no need to write about time and dates.
2 You know for sure that the day of the Lord will come unexpectedly as a thief comes at night.
3 When people say “peace and safety” then suddenly disaster will fall upon them. As a pregnant woman will not escape the pain of childbirth, so no one will escape the coming of the Lord.
4 Brothers, you do not live in the darkness. And the day of the Lord will not surprise you like a thief who comes at night.
5 You all were born of light during the day. We were not born of darkness during the night.
6 So do not sleep like other people. Do not lose your interest in spiritual things. Live a sober life.
7 One person sleeps at night, and another one gets drunk.
8 But we were born during the day and will live soberly. We believe, we love, and it protects us like the armor. And we put the confidence of salvation on our head as a helmet.
9 God decided in advance that He would not be angry with us. And we received salvation because our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for us.
10 Some of us will be alive, and others will already die when the Lord returns to the earth. But God will resurrect us so that we could live with Christ.
11 You comfort one another, and you make one another strong. Continue to do so.
12 Brothers, we ask you to respect the ministers whom God put over you. They work among you and teach you.
13 Love them and value them high for what they do. Live in peace with one another.
14 Brothers, we beg you to correct those who make mess with their lives. Encourage those who live in fear, support the weak, and be patient with everyone.
15 Watch that no one pays back evil for evil. Always put your efforts to do good to one another and to everyone around you.
16 Always rejoice.
17 Pray regularly.
18 You belong to Jesus Christ. And God wants you to thank Him in all circumstances.
19 Do not quench the fire of the Holy Spirit.
20 Do not despise prophecies.
21 Test everything and stand on what is right.
22 Do not participate in any evil activities.
23 God gives peace, and may He himself sanctify you completely. May God fully keep your spirit, soul, and body safe from sin until the day when our Lord Jesus Christ returns to the earth.
24 God calls you to Himself. And He will sanctify and keep you safe because He is faithful.
25 Brothers, pray for us.
26 Greet all the brothers with a holy kiss.
27 I beg you in the name of the Lord to read this letter to all the holy people of God.
28 May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ remain with you. Amen.



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