Third Letter from John the Apostle

Third Letter from John the Apostle

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Chapter 1

1 My dear Gaius, I am greeting you. I am John, an elderly and respected man, who is writing to you. I love you because I know the truth about who God is.
2 My dear brother, your inner person is growing spiritually. And I pray that along with your spiritual growth you would succeed in everything you do. I also pray that you would be in good health.
3 I was very happy when our brothers in Christ came to visit me. They confirmed that you sincerely believe in God and act according to the teaching of the truth.
4 Most of all I rejoice when I hear that my spiritual children live the way the truth says.
5 My dear Gaius, you take care of brothers and also help strangers. Your actions show that you are a true believer.
6 The brothers confirmed in front of the church that you treat all people with love. And now the brothers have come to visit you, and they are going to continue their journey. If you could provide them with everything they need, you would do the right thing. And this way you would please God.
7 The brothers went on their journey to preach about Jesus. They did not collect any offerings from the Gentiles.
8 We should help such brothers like them. And this way we can minister together and spread the truth about God.
9 I wrote a letter to the church that these brothers need help. But Diotrephes who loves showing off his authority wants to do nothing with us.
10 If I have the opportunity to visit you, I will address the issue of his behavior. Diotrephes speaks about us with hatred and spreads lies. And he does not stop there. He does not allow visiting brothers who need help to enter his church. And when other believers want to help them, Diotrephes forbids them to do it. And if they do not listen to him, he excommunicates such people from the church.
11 My dear brother, do not follow the example of those who do evil. But take an example from those who do good. The one who does good deeds belongs to God. But the one who does evil deeds does not understand who God is.
12 I would like to say a few words about Demetrius. Everyone confirms that he has a good reputation. And he acts according to the teaching of the truth. We also confirm this. And you know that we are telling the truth.
13 I also have a desire to discuss many other things with you. But I do not want to write about it in ink on paper.
14 I hope to visit you soon, and then we can talk about these matters in person.
15 I wish you God’s peace. Your friends are sending greetings to you. And you also greet all our friends on my behalf. Amen.



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